Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9): The Full Journey DVD - Amazon £9.37 Prime or £12.36 non prime

Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9): The Full Journey DVD - Amazon £9.37 Prime or £12.36 non prime

Found 29th May 2017
Star Trek DS9 seasons 1 - 7 DVD. I think an excellent (and underrated) Star Trek franchise. A little dated now but I think the later seasons (particularly 6 and 7) are still excellent.

Dispatched in 1 to 3 weeks.
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Buy, buy,buy! Christmas has come early this year!

The best ST series ever made, where the good guys and the bad guys are almost indistinguishable, plus sex, religion, death and the best ST arc ever written. (and Quark)

the 49 disc version

Edited by: "railwaygun" 29th May 2017
The best ST by far. But have only quite recently watched repeats so will pass. Still voted hot as this is a genuine bargain.
I recently watched it again and it does initially look terribly dated but you forget that very quickly when the rest of it is so good. As above I particularly like that it's not simply the good and bad guys, it's much more complex and sometimes when your back is against the wall and you're looking at the end, you can't do it the starfleet way. On one hand it had many brilliant character episodes but at the other end, still had some of the most impressive starship battles.
No more until at least a Blu-ray, and now were on 4k so there well behind not bought dvd's in years.
Well worth it as a bluray release seems unlikely. My arrival date was brought forward from June to May 31 so mightn't have to wait 1-3 weeks.
It will probably never be released on Bluray:…hd/
when i add it to my basket goes to 44.99 ?
Mine has been dispatched, I fear for my enterprise blu ray though as that hasn't budged.
Mines been dispatched too! I didn't order any of the others. Just DS9 so I'm happy.
Absolutely kicking myself for not seeing this earlier. Fantastic series, both in breath and depth.

If anybody does not what theirs/changes their mind - please pm me.

Mine was has been dispatched today and also recieved enterprise set that i ordered on dvd today.
Received mine today Thanks OP
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