Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Full Journey [DVD] - £42.81 @ Amazon
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Full Journey [DVD] - £42.81 @ Amazon

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Full Journey [DVD] - £42.81 @ Amazon

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Product Description

After the death of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in 1991, writers/producers Rick Berman and Michael Piller carried on the Star Trek franchise with the second spinoff television series, Deep Space Nine. Considered by many to be the best of the Star Trek spinoffs, Deep Space Nine broke with its predecessors' peripatetic tradition by centering the action in a single location--a space station orbiting the war-torn planet of Bajor--thus allowing for a non-episodic story arc and sophisticated character development. The series also broke new ground with Star Trek's first African-American ship commander, Captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks), who presided over a diverse group of crew members that included an alien shapeshifter, Odo (Rene Auberjonois), among its numbers. Dark, imaginative, and compelling, Deep Space Nine is presented in its entirety with this seven-series collection.


4:3 (yes I know, that's what it was originally shot in)

It's a shame this series is being left to die off on the dvd format, isn't gonna make any money for you there paramount/cbs.

regularly drops to between £32 and £40 on zavvi if you aren't in a rush,
a decent deal here regardless......

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Yeah gutted that the blu ray conversion looks like a pipe dream. Its become clear the chances of that are about zero.

Great price for seven seasons of top notch trek on the best format it's ever likely to see.

Sorry, i already have a girlfriend

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Wow cool guy alert! Some of us have these new fangled girlfriends who also enjoy some Sci fi based action/drama.


Sorry, i already have a girlfriend

I told you before, it's called a left hand
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