Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection 1-6 [7x Blu-ray] - £36.99 @ +(6% Quidco £2.22)

Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection 1-6 [7x Blu-ray] - £36.99 @ +(6% Quidco £2.22)

Found 14th Jan 2011
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Actors: William Shatner, Paul Winfield, Christopher Lloyd, Catherine Hicks, Christopher Plummer
Directors: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Wise, Nicholas Meyer
Format: Anamorphic, Box set, PAL
Subtitles: English
Region: Region 2
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1
Number of discs: 7
Classification: 12
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 27 April 2009
Run Time: 688 minutes

Titles Comprise:

Star Trek - The Motion Picture: Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner)is called upon to collect his old crewmates in order to save humanity from a giant, hostile alien vessel steadily approaching Earth and destroying everything in its path.

The Wrath Of Khan: It is the 23rd century. The Federation Starship U.S.S. Enterprise is on routine training manoeuvres, and Admiral James T. Kirk seems resigned to the fact that this inspection may well be the last space mission of his career. But Khan is back...

The Search For Spock: Spock is dead and McCoy is inexplicably being driven insane: McCoy is harbouring Spock's living essence. With one friend alive and one not, but both in pain, Kirk attempts to help his friends by stealing the USS Enterprise and defying Starfleet's Genesis planet quarantine.

The Voyage Home: It's the 23rd century and a mysterious alien power is threatening Earth by evaporating the oceans and destroying the atmosphere. In a frantic attempt to save mankind, Kirk and his crew must time travel back to 1986 San Francisco...

The Final Frontier: It's Stardate 8454.130 and a vacationing Captain Kirk faces two challenges: Climbing Yosemite's El Capitan and teaching campfire songs to Spock. But vacations are cut short when a renegade Vulcan hijacks the Enterprise, and pilots it on a journey to uncover the universe's innermost secrets.

The Undiscovered Country: After years at war, the Federation and the Klingon empire prepare for a peace summit. When a Klingon ship is attacked and the Enterprise is held accountable, the dogs of war are unleashed again, as both worlds brace for what may be their final, deadly encounter...

Special Features

Special Features

Star Trek: The Captain's Summit--brings together previous Star Trek stars and invites them to talk about their experiences creating the cult movies. This feature was recorded especially for the release of this box set on DVD and Blu-ray.

Star Trek I: The Motion Picture

Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Daren Dochterman
Library Computer
Production: The Longest Trek: Writing the Motion Picture

The Star Trek Universe: Special Star Trek Reunion; Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 001: Mystery Behind Voyager
Deleted Scenes Trailers and TV Spots
BD-Live--Star Trek I.Q
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Commentary by director Nicholas Meyer and Manny Coto
Library Computer
Production:Captain's Log; Designing Khan;Original Interviews with DeForest Kelley, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Ricardo Montalban; Where No Man Has Gone Before--The Visual Effects of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; James Horner: Composing Genesis
The Star Trek Universe: Collecting Star Trek's Movie Relics; A Novel Approach; Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 002: Mystery Behind Ceti Alpha VI
Theatrical Trailer
BD-Live--Star Trek I.Q.
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Commentary by director Lenoard Nimoy, writer/producer Harve Bennett, director of photography Charles Correll and Robin Curtis
Commentary by Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor
Library Computer
Production: Captian's Log;Terraforming and the Prime Directive; Industrial Light & Magic: The Visual Effects of Star Trek: Spock: The Early Years
The Star Trek Universe: Space Docks and Birds Of Prey; Speaking Klingon; Klingon and Vulcan Costumes; Star Trek and the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame ; Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 003: Mystery Behind the Vulcan Katra Transfer
Theatrical Trailer
BD-Live--Star Trek I.Q.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Commentary by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy
Commentary by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
Library Computer
Production: Future's Past: A Look Back; On Location; Dailies Deconstruction; Below-the-Line: Sound Design; Pavel Chekov’s Screen Moments
The Star Trek Universe: Time Travel: The Art of the Possible; The Language of Whales; A Vulcan Primer; Kirk's Women; Star Trek: Three-Picture Saga; Star Trek for a Cause; Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 004: The Whale Probe
Visual Effects: From Outer Space to the Ocean; The Bird of Prey
Original Interviews: Leonard Nimoy; William Shatner ; De Forest Kelley
Tributes: Roddenberry Scrapbook;Featured Artist: Mark Lenard
Theatrical Trailer
BD-Live--Star Trek I.Q.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Commentary by William Shatner and Liz Shatner
Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Daren Dochterman
Library Computer
Production: Harve Bennett's Pitch To Sales Team; The Journey: A Behind-The-Scenes-Documentary; Makeup Tests; Pre-Visualization Models; Rockman In The Raw; Star Trek V Press Conference;
The Star Trek Universe: Herman Zimmerman: A Tribute; Original Interview: William Shatner; Cosmic Thoughts; That Klingon Couple; A Green Future?; Star Trek Honors NASA; Hollywood Walk of Fame: James Doohan; Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 005: Nimbus III

Deleted Scenes: Mount Rushmore :17 Insults; Behold Paradise; Spock's Pain
Trailers and TV Spots
BD-Live--Star Trek I.Q.
Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country

Commentary by director Nicholas Meyer and screenwriter Denny Martin Flinn
Commentary by Larry Nemecek and Ira Steven Behr
Library Computer
The Perils of Peacemaking
Stories From Star Trek VI: It Started With A Story; Prejudice; Director Nicholas Meyer; Shakespeare and General Chang; Bring It To Life; Farewell and Goodbye
The Star Trek Universe: Conversations With Nicholas Meyer; Klingons: Conjuring the Legend; Federation Operatives; Penny's Toy Box; Together Again; Tom Morga: Alien Stuntman;To Be Or Not To Be: Klingons and Shakespeare; Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 006: Praxis
Farewell DeForest Kelley: A Tribute
Original Interviews: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Iman
Promotional Material: Trailers; 1991 Convention Presentation by Nicholas Meyer
BD-Live--Star Trek I.Q.


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