Star Trek The Movies - 1 To 10 - £38.97 @ amazon!!!

Star Trek The Movies - 1 To 10 - £38.97 @ amazon!!!

Found 2nd Feb 2007
Another price drop on this one! The Star Trek movie collection is down to £38.97 @ Amazon! If you ordered it recently for £48.97, see the link in my first post for details on how to claim back the difference from Amazon!! Cheapest elsewhere for this is £94 - so I'm voting hotty!

Includes the following:

Star Trek - The Motion Picture - Director's Edition
Star Trek - The Wrath Of Khan - Director's Edition
Star Trek - The Search For Spock - Special Edition
Star Trek - The Voyage Home - Special Edition
Star Trek - The Final Frontier - Special Edition
Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country - Special Edition
Star Trek - Generations - Special Edition
Star Trek - First Contact - Special Edition
Star Trek - Insurrection - Special Edition
Star Trek - Nemesis - Special Edition


.... (incase I wan't to write something else too!!)

Oh and great post Emma, your getting good at this finding deals, stick at it

Babylon 5 and Star trek grr... what a decision! thanks Emma Rep given!

Thanks Emma.... yet more money you've made me spend! ;-)

They say 2 to 3 weeks for delivery BUT they have taken the money from my credit card and its showing as "dispatching soon" :-)

PS - Thanks Emma

Anyone know if these are on double sided discs or not ?

nvm just noticed its RANKED at 14 in DVD and not 14 Discs lol.

£40 for 20 discs is good

Thanks Emma... Great find, more money spent :-) voted hot and add rep

More money spent - damn you Khan!


(Oh, and thanks to Emmajk42!)

I've been buying them as individuals (these Special Editions) at £4.97-£6.99 each (very illogical) and only need 1, 3 & 5 (not the best films tbh)...I think this box set was £80 at that time....great deal Emma :thumbsup:

Hi Emma,

Just wanted to Thank you. I bought these at the old price, and with the refund policy you have saved me a lot of money!!

Voted and Repped :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Cheers everyone

This box set was priced 129.99 in HMV store today! :EEEK:

Great price cheers

Nice find Emma Thanks.

Welcome to HotUKDeals new members here too ;-)

sooo tempting to buy but I've seen them like half a million times already (I am not a trekkie by the way I just like watching it....I don't dress up and walk around wearing Spock ears or anything like that !!)
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