Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 [1990] only £9.97 delivered @ Amazon!!

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 [1990] only £9.97 delivered @ Amazon!!

Found 3rd Nov 2008Made hot 3rd Nov 2008
DVD Special Features:

Seven-disc box set. Full season 26 episodes. One hour of unique extras. The Launch
Gene Roddenberry's vision for Next Gen; Building a new Enterprise; The cast's reactions to being part of the "Star Trek" legend; writing new characters and aliens; Designing the new ships and props.

The Cast
First season cast members talk about their roles, their acting backgrounds and of the "Star Trek" legacy; Fascinating "Before and After" look comparing comments of the cast from launch of series with comments of the cast seven years later.

Production staff members discuss making of new series; Uncover how the beaming effect is achieved; Watch Worf's make-up process

Season 1 Highlights
Cast and crew discuss specific episodes; Denise Crosby on leaving trhe series; Armin Simmerman on playing one of the first Ferengi; Jonathan Frakes on going all "gooey" in the mud slick; Patrick Stewart relates humorous stories about Frakes; Dan Curry explains how he made a futuristic weapon out of a plastic pantyhose container; and more...


Nice deal, that's dad sorted for xmas

£10 for a boxset - can't go wrong!

(slightly cheaper than last time as well and now free delivery)

Thanks amibees! Heat and rep on the way - ordered!
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