Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 [7 Disc DVD] [1990] just £16.97 @ Amazon
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 [7 Disc DVD] [1990] just £16.97 @ Amazon

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 [7 Disc DVD] [1990] just £16.97 @ Amazon

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I'm sure this has to be a great deal for any collector of the Star Trek DVD's. This is only £16.97 delivered to your door.

Next best price is £59.99 @ Play

In 1987, some 20 years after the original series had ended, Star Trek: the Next Generation was launched into a decade renowned for its materialistic greed, but also for its hesitant steps towards a more unified world order. Creator Gene Roddenberry revised his vision of humanity's future accordingly, shifting the Trek timeline 80 years on and reinventing the new Starship Enterprise as an Ark-like exploration vessel full of families, schools, soothing recreational facilities and a maternally pacifying computer voice (Roddenberry's wife, Majel Barrett).

The Next Generation crew were not soldiers, but scientists and diplomats. Unlike the fiercely individualistic Captain Kirk, Patrick Stewart's patrician Captain Jean-Luc Picard was a model team leader: no matter how desperate the crisis, he ensured that everyone got to sit round the conference room table and talk it over. And in a true late-1980s touch, a key member of the Bridge crew was psychoanalyst Counsellor Troi, always on hand to discuss everyone's feelings. Even the slogan change to "Where no one has gone before" acknowledged that there's no "one" in a team. But for all its earnest political correctness and an over-reliance on "technobabble", good stories played by an appealing ensemble cast were at the heart of the show's success. --Paul Tonks

On the DVD: Star Trek: The Next Generation comes to DVD in a distinctively packaged seven-disc set. This is reproduced for all seven series, thus forming a handsome collection. The outer gunmetal grey case is plastic, and the discs themselves are held in a rather flimsy cardboard fold-out sleeve. Each disc has nicely done animated menus and audio/subtitle options for each episode--though no "play all" facility. Disc 7 also includes bonus features in the shape of informative cast and crew interviews (both new and from the launch of Season 1), subdivided into four chapters: "The Beginning", "Selected Crew Analysis", "The Making of a Legend" and "Memorable Missions". Picture is adequate 4:3 with good Dolby 5.1 showing off the innovative sound effects. --Mark Walker

DVD Description
DVD Special Features:

Seven-disc box set. Full season 26 episodes. One hour of unique extras. The Launch
Gene Roddenberry's vision for Next Gen; Building a new Enterprise; The cast's reactions to being part of the "Star Trek" legend; writing new characters and aliens; Designing the new ships and props.

The Cast
First season cast members talk about their roles, their acting backgrounds and of the "Star Trek" legacy; Fascinating "Before and After" look comparing comments of the cast from launch of series with comments of the cast seven years later.

Production staff members discuss making of new series; Uncover how the beaming effect is achieved; Watch Worf's make-up process

Season 1 Highlights
Cast and crew discuss specific episodes; Denise Crosby on leaving trhe series; Armin Simmerman on playing one of the first Ferengi; Jonathan Frakes on going all "gooey" in the mud slick; Patrick Stewart relates humorous stories about Frakes; Dan Curry explains how he made a futuristic weapon out of a plastic pantyhose container; and more...

Please let me know if you can find it cheaper elsewhere. Cheers.

Enjoy ;-)


Possible misprice? The other six seasons are priced up as £50-£60 on Amazon.

Am I missing something there are the Slimline Series packing ones on play for £17.99 (Still more expensive I know)



Am I missing something there are the Slimline Series packing ones on play … Am I missing something there are the Slimline Series packing ones on play for £17.99 (Still more expensive I know)http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/905224/Star-Trek-The-Next-Generation-Season-1/Product.html

Agreed. Same content in both sets of discs according to the comments. A lot of people seem to think the slimline ones are the better packaging anyway.

Cold for me.

Also, if you buy this as a start to your collection, you kind of commit to buying this packaging.

Surely better to go slimline to start with.

Also...WTF is Tasha Yar doing on the Season 3 cover?

She was only in a couple of episodes in that season. Wesly might have been a **** but he was in a darn site more episodes than she was.

I'd have bunged a Borg or even Guinan on a cover before her

Good deal for anyone who has already started collecting the bigger boxsets. I know its unlikely they wouldn't already have season 1, but when I started buying the slimline ones I bought them in whatever order they came on offer, which wasn't always season 1 first.

£14.97 now


I'd have bunged a Borg

Beats telling them to sleep I suppose.

Sounds like the slimline sets are the best way to get the whole set on a reasonable budget.
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