Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 [7 DVD Boxset] (Original sexy case version) only £8.93 delivered @ The Hut

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 [7 DVD Boxset] (Original sexy case version) only £8.93 delivered @ The Hut

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Season 1 of the Sci-Fi series. Includes the following episodes:

1. Encounter at Farpoint (Part 1)
2. Encounter at Farpoint (Part 2)
3. The Naked Now
4. Code of Honor
5. The Last Outpost
6. Where No One Has Gone Before
7. Lonely Among Us
8. Justice
9. The Battle
10. Hide and Q
11. Haven
12. The Big Goodbye
13. Datalore
14. Angel One
15. 11001001
16. Too Short a Season
17. When The Bough Breaks
18. Home Soil
19. Heart of Glory
20. The Arsenal of Freedom
21. Symbiosis
22. Skin of Evil
23. We'll Always Have Paris
24. Conspiracy
25. The Neutral Zone

# 'The Launch': Roddenberry's Vision for the New Series
# 'Building A New Enterprise': Cast's Initial Thoughts, Writing New Characters and Aliens, Designing Ships and Props
# Cast Interviews: In-depth Interviews with the Cast at the Time, and Seven Years On!
# Crew Interviews: Including Special Effects, Make-up and Design
# Season One Highlights: Cast and Crew Discuss Landmark Episodes

Before the 'how d'ya know it's the original boxset rather than slimline?' questions appear look at 'special features' listed on Hut and release date


I think the new slimline sets have the same discs but just different packaging.

Just ordered thanks.

Got it for £8.04 using Walkers Crisps 10% off code.
Also used Topcashback so could be another 3.03% off?
Also went through Nectar so may get nectar points as well.
(although I know it is likely I will only get nectar or topcashback - but worth a try)
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do people still own fullscreen tv's ?

Aspect Ratio: - * Full Screen

still great price though voted hot

These used to be something ridiculous like £80/series. Good value at £9 in comparison!


A great price, but most Season 1 episodes are embarrassing to watch!

Received an email yesterday saying they are still trying to source the stock, so there is a delay.

Received yesterday:)

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