Star Trek - The Next Generation Season 1 Boxset (7 DVD) - £11.99 delivered @

Star Trek - The Next Generation Season 1 Boxset (7 DVD) - £11.99 delivered @

Found 6th Feb 2011Made hot 6th Feb 2011
£84.99 at Amazon & HMV!

The complete first season of The Next Generation presented on seven DVDs in a collectors box set.

Disc 1: Encounter at Farpoint Parts 1 & 2, The Naked Now, Code of Honor
Disc 2: The Last Outpost, Where No One Has Gone Before, Lonely Among Us, Justice
Disc 3: The Battle, Hide and Q, Haven, The Big Goodbye
Disc 4: DataLore, Angel One, 11001001, Too Short a Season
Disc 5: When the Bough Breaks, Home Soil, Coming of Age, Heart of Glory
Disc 6: The Arsenal of Freedom, Symbiosis, Skin of Evil, Well Always Have Paris
Disc 7: Conspiracy, The Neutral Zone, Special Features
Special Features
'The Launch' featurette; 'Building a New Enterprise' featurette; Cast interviews; Crew interviews; Season One highlights


I'm confused

It's actually £9 on Amazon

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£84.99 below. I think this is a collector's box set.…-11

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Is a bit weird!

cold from me, cheaper at amazon


Why is this at 104 degrees...when it's more expensive than Amazon ffs !

Bizarre its available loads cheaper all over the place!


Cold. This was £7.95 at Zavvi for ages.

Looks like people vote blind (as always).
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