Star Trek The Next Generation - Season 3 [7 Disc Box Set] DVD £11.49 + Free Delivery @ Sendit
Star Trek The Next Generation - Season 3 [7 Disc Box Set] DVD £11.49 + Free Delivery @ Sendit

Star Trek The Next Generation - Season 3 [7 Disc Box Set] DVD £11.49 + Free Delivery @ Sendit

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This is the 2002 release (i.e. not the 2006 slimline release)

Season 3 of the Sci-Fi series. Episodes include:

1. Evolution
2. The Ensigns Of Command
3. The Survivors
4. Who Watches The Watchers
5. The Bonding
6. Booby Trap
7. The Enemy
8. The Price
9. The Vengance Factor
10. The Defector
11. The Hunted
12. The High Ground
13. Deja Q
14. A Matter Of Perspective
15. Yesterday's Enterprise
16. The Offspring
17. Sins Of The Father
18. Allegiance
19. Captain's Holiday
20. Tin Man
21. Hollow Pursuits
22. The Most Toys
23. Sarek
24. Menage A Troi
25. Transfigurations
26. The Best of Both Worlds (Part 1)
'Mission Overview': cast and crew discussions on the major changes to the series in season three, including both old and new cast interviews
'Selected Crew Analysis': the feature takes a look at the growth of the main characters in the series with a closer look at returning crew member, Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden)
'Departmental Briefing': a behind the scenes look at the production of key episodes in series three, including interviews with the production crew
Year Three Memorable Moments: includes specific anecdotes about episodes and events that occurred during the third season


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Got this the last time it was posted, along with all the other seasons. Plenty to watch and when done it'll make a fab door stop.

Thanks for this - already have 1, 2, & 6 in the same range for the same sort of money from other HUKDs.


Nice one....I think this was last posted at this price with Sendit back in July.

is sendit part of the hut group now?

Back up to £83.29 now.

Delivery's still free though!

Back @ £83.29 for me now

Shame as I ordered the season1 for cheap at the weekend.

Strange - it seems to have gone up to £83.29 at a lot of sites - are they all linked somehow?

Unexpire please mods..back to £11.89.. along with a few other seasons too i might add :thumbsup:

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Now £11.49
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