STAR WARS - Anakin to Darth Vader 12" Action figure @ Tesco Direct just £5.60!

STAR WARS - Anakin to Darth Vader 12" Action figure @ Tesco Direct just £5.60!


Action figure...

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Action figure...

I believe so? Maybe collectable model?


I believe so? Maybe collectable model?

Sorry i was trying to be funny but it backfired...

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Sorry i was trying to be funny but it backfired...

Lol... all good...

Thanks Ordered. Great Deal.

great find!!!

Great deal. Ordered. Click and collect. Happy Days for the boy.

This is a good deal, bought one for my son for £19.99 not long ago

Bought this last Christmas for £12.50 from Tesco which was hot. This is smoking. Nice toy, well worth it.


Great find, saw it in my asda for £9.99 other day but def worth it at this price!


Thanks, Tesco sent me a £5 off £20 spend coupon so bought 4 for £17.40!

Great find. My son's got one and it's a bargain for the price.

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I've ordered a few too, put them in the cupboard, wait for the new films to come out and watch them rise in value!

Might even open one and have a little play!

Looks pretty cool and reviews are good

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Got this last Christmas for my 5yr old son, Amazon lightening deals paid £10ish and he loves it and I was really impressed with the size, functionality etc. this is a fab deal.

I've bought a couple more for birthdays and Christmas presents wow I feel organised!! thanks for sharing OP :-)

Anyone else ordered once but have two payments pending on their current account.

I placed an order for £17.40 this morning and just checked my Halifax a/c and there are two pending payments for £17.40 for Tesco Direct.

Unlikely they will charge me twice but just annoying the I won't be able to use the extra £17.40 until it's released from pending.
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Ordered - cheers!

Remember seeing these instore at £20 and thought it was very cool. At this price I couldn't resist ordering one for my boys Xmas. The fact I had £7 of vouchers sitting in my account was even better

Thanks OP heat added.

Bought and Heat added cheers.

just bought 2 for my 2 boys ...great

Perfect for Fathers day :P Ha ha they are always like kids lol Thanks!!! Fantastic deal!

Thats a lot of Darth for your dosh! Heat added, great find!

Just got one for free too as had £7 worth of club card points ... BONUS and HEAT!

Back to £19.99 now, had mine today cheers op
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£25 now!! I got one for my 4yo's birthday at £5.60, she was dead chuffed. This must have been a price error though? Cheers OP. One happy 4 year old!
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