Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Steam - £3.49

Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Steam - £3.49

Found 1st Sep 2017
The original amazing Star Wars Battlefront 2 is at a discount price for £3.49 at steam.
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I know I don’t have a time machine but it’s was £2 not so long a go but good game and decent price.
parasitemol12 m ago

£1.61 here :

Steam key?
And with 50 times the content of the EA version (possible mild exaggeration)
Spent so many hours on this when it first came out , loved the space battles jumping between ships , shame they haven't quite yet implemented this in to the new series ...slowly but surely
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chrisdrew19853rd Sep 2017

Back up to 6.99 now :-(

I updated it to be expired thanks.
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