Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PC) £18.99 with fb code @ CD keys

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PC) £18.99 with fb code @ CD keys

Found 24th Apr
Currently on sale at £19.99, get your 5% discount on their facebook page:…om/

They have now fixed the progression system, and players can no longer pay-to-win, as purchases are cosmetic only! Finally.
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Hurrah ... now I can go kill ewoks
Apparently ewok hunt is terrifying, and not what one would expect...
I can officially confirm you can ride Tauntauns in this game.

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I paid less than a fiver for the Ultimate edition of the first game , I'll wait for a similar price for this
I looked justt and there is a 24 hour peak of 735 players on for Batllefront 1, with currently 212 people playing. Waiting for this game to hit that price might yield similar results.

Saying that from what I can see the only game mode people seem to play is Galactic Assault and maybe the Starfighter one I don't own either game, but I have been trying to find a site similar to swbstats that could shed a little more light on player count for this game before I even consider buying it.

Saying that, I barely I have time to play anything other than Battlefield 3 currently, let alone, anything else
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