Star Wars Battlefront II 2 PC  @ CDkeys for £23.74 with fb code

Star Wars Battlefront II 2 PC @ CDkeys for £23.74 with fb code

Found 4th Jan
Please remember that EA are scum and do not buy this under any circumstance.

Just posting it for reference.
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Princess Leia Organa: "Obi Wan you're my only hope!"
Obi Wan Kenobi: "Cheers love that'll be 100,000 credits"
Princess Leia Organa: "Stuff that Ben! EA have turned you to the dark side, I'm off down the chippy instead, oh blast those damn droids took the last escape pod!"
It is actually a decent game as I bought the Xbox digital version for £30 between 2 of us over Christmas, for the time being the micro transactions are disabled so I've defiantly had my moneys worth so far.

EA are no different than any other large corporation so if you boycott this, your the one loosing out on a decent game.
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Waiting for the Xbox version at a good price...
£3.75 to gobefore I bite.
thr0tt28 m ago

£3.75 to gobefore I bite.

I quite agree. My bite point is also £3.75. However, I suspect there will be no-one to play with by the time it hits that price. Oh well.
In addition to the fact that this game (like the 2015 version) is technically inferior to the 2005 game (better graphics, but terrible game-play), it has the three stage EA matchmaking/advertising module.

Stage one - establish the player's skill level and play style and match to server with similar players (fair enough).
Stage two - using stage one data, spam player who like playing as sniper with ads for sniper Loot-boxes (crummy but not a shocker).
Stage three - using same data, stick player on server where all other players are better until they buy said loot-crate, then stick them on server where all players are worse, so they feel rewarded by purchase. Wait a while, then repeat. (sickening ploy).

Currently stages two & three are off because of the scandal, but would you trust the double-winner of the "Worst Company in America" Golden Turd award?
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paulj481 h, 36 m ago

EA are no different than any other large corporation so if you boycott …EA are no different than any other large corporation so if you boycott this, your the one loosing out on a decent game.


Look at all the free updates Splatoon 2 has got from Nintendo and Overwatch has got from Blizzard.

Both those games are infinitely superior to this.

In fact if you look at the loot box system blizzard employs in overwatch it is purely cosmetic as opposed to the system EA was trying to employ, where you couldn't progress without lootboxes.
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Worth £10 at most, for the campaign.

It will drop further. Boycott this garbage until then.
I've posted this before but it's worth posting again.

For all the people who think EA is just another company and they doing anything worse then anyone else and this is just the way of the world. Microtransactions were promised to be returned after they had reviewed the system, they haven't promised changes will definitely be made, but given the last set of changes reduced the price of loot to appease the complaints, they then immediately lowered the drop rate to cancel out their meaningless gesture completely.
I will never buy this game unless they fix what is inherently flawed about it, it is pay2win.

"It's pay to win in the sense that there is a micro-transaction/9 month real time grind necessary to unlock everything thats playable, I dont think any game is worth playing without a break for 9 months straight, which leaves gambling for content to unlock or paying for the (promised return of) microtransaction funded gambling for more crates with a chance to win with the content you desire.

Now crates aren't always the worst thing in the history of the world - overwatch for example I have played that also, there are loot crates, you get skins and visual graphic changes, these don't affect gameplay at all.
Battlefront 2, you get things that make the game unbalanced, characters that other players can't afford for example that add different mechanics into the game i.e. you are playing as a different class unavailable to others and it makes an impact on the battle, it's an advantage (or sometimes disadvantage in some players cases I have seen) that isn't available to others without a grievous amount of time and soon again money put into the game, or being very lucking with gambling is another option.

This is why i consider the game a pay to win format, or another way to look at it is the dlc costs $5000 and without it you're at a disadvantage. or there's a paywall to unlock all the content in game.

Going back to the overwatch example again, all of the unlocks in this game are done by lootboxes, it's all random, nothing has an advantage, nothing is prettier or more coveted purely because it requires a specific feat performed to be unlocked, everyone has the same chances so the option to buy stuff for that ultimately doesnt affect the game play.
Back to battlefront; you put money in, you get stronger things to use in game, it affects the combat and mechanics, it divides the player base into those who have played it vs those who played for long enough to be lucky to get better things, or those who threw money blindly at EA until they randomly gambled enough to get the thing they wanted to get an advantage in the game."
Wasn't going to get this because of all the pay2win nonsense but got it as a present at Christmas so thought I'd give it a go and I'm actually really enjoying it. I've only played multiplayer for a few hours here and there but already built up enough credits to unlock the 2 most expensive heroes (Vader & Luke) and there's only a few more to unlock so not sure where the 9 months grinding info came from? Also I'm finding with very few upgrades I'm able to compete with people who have higher rated star cards. It's definitely not the disaster I was led to believe.
Have it, it's a good game, though play mainly bf1.

Its not p2w, and with minimal time investment have a few cards that allow me to be competitive.
LotusJas15 h, 37 m ago

Worth £10 at most, for the campaign.It will drop further. Boycott this …Worth £10 at most, for the campaign.It will drop further. Boycott this garbage until then.

Campaign was awful. Boring. Galactic Assault and fighter squadron is fun. Heroes vs villain is disappointing. BF 1 HvV mode was better. It is worth 23 pounds.
if you buy base game from elsewhere and apply to origin, does EA allow to upgrade to deluxe version post standard game purchase?
Anyone know the code? I don't use Facebook
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