Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition £4.16 @ Origin (PC)

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition £4.16 @ Origin (PC)

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Master the battlefield with the Ultimate Edition. The Ultimate Edition expands your galaxy with Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Season Pass, which includes four expansion packs.
Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Season PassExpand your galaxy with the Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Season Pass. Get an exclusive “Shoot First” emote and 4 expansion packs filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy far, far away.

DL-44 blaster, as made famous by Han Solo (instant access)This is the blaster of choice for scoundrels across the universe.

Ion Grenade (instant access)Inflict more damage on enemy vehicles with the Ion Grenade.

Ion Torpedo (instant access)Lock on to and deliver extra damage to your opponents vehicles with the Ion Torpedo.

Ion Shock (exclusive emote)Get electrified with the Ion Shock emote.

Victory (exclusive emote)Celebrate your win in style and pump your fist in the air with the exclusive Victory emote.
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You can also get the Season Pass free if you own the base game -…nts
Bought three of these now - so between me and the kids there'll be 3 of us playing when battlefront 2 comes out!
Just got the season pass. Just need to download the game sometime
Purchased! I cant resist when its below a fiver! Many thanks OP!
Pretty sure this is a repost
Bought this a couple of months ago when it was £7 and... there isn't really many people playing it. Takes a fair while to get into a game. HEAT!
should i get this, or the ps4 version?
BuzzDuraband6 h, 49 m ago

What's a couple of days, eh? : …What's a couple of days, eh? :

But but, deal expired and came back! :O

lastjunkie2 h, 33 m ago

should i get this, or the ps4 version?

Depends, more players on PS4. Guess it comes down to keyboard vs gamepad as your personal preference.
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