Star Wars Box Busters (Mini Games With Dice) - Various, In Store @ Poundland, £1

Star Wars Box Busters (Mini Games With Dice) - Various, In Store @ Poundland, £1

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From Argyle Street, Glasgow. May as well point these out, as they'll probably get lost in my other Poundland post - not sure if adults would get much out of these, but they appear to be mini "worlds" that come in a cube and open up to reveal a stationary battle scene. Some sort of mini-game with included dice (see Post #1 for official blurb).

Only saw "The Force Awakens - Starkiller Base Battle" and "Rebels Tie Fighter Attack" varieties in my store. I think there's actually seven to collect..sounds like it's four small ones - the size I found on Poundland, two bigger (which are in twin packs), and a mega-sized Box Buster, being the Deathstar.

(picture in store, at the Toys section):
2784645.jpgMore in-depth video/review:

Says "From Age 7+" on the front of the box.
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The Deathstar set looks the coolest:…465

Though the YouTube review above states this is the mega-sized Box Buster, not sure if Poundland sell these, only saw the small sized Box Busters.
31923401-8qGRV.jpgBlurb on the official Spinmaster site says:

  • Bring home the excitement of epic Star Wars Battles wherever you go! Star Wars Box Busters are loaded with real battle scenes and incredible game play!
  • Play against your friends and take out their bases to win. Roll the dice to blast through your opponent’s shields or get ready to defend your own.
  • Collect all the Star Wars Box Busters battle scenes, including: Yavin, Death Star, Hoth and Endor.
  • The Star Wars Box Busters are for ages 7+. No batteries required.

  • 2 Battle Cubes
  • 2 Assault Markers
  • 4 Charge Tokens
  • 2 Battle Mats
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Stocking filler fpr those Star Wars fans for Xmas.
Just picked up a few from Slough. Great find. Hot given.
What choices have you found?
imranhussain2 m ago

What choices have you found?

If the question's for me - I mentioned already - Only saw "The Force Awakens - Starkiller Base Battle" and "Rebels Tie Fighter Attack" varieties in my store.
There's more of a discussion on boardgamegeek:…ers

Nick Hayes says:
"I designed the game play for Box Busters while I was still working at Spin Master (with help from Chris Taylor and input from Johnny O'Neal).

Box Busters were originally just a toy item, but as they got further along in development the team thought to add game play to these little, pop-open, diorama-style battle scenes. The budget was tight so I couldn't add a bunch of components, but we did manage to spring for a single die, a couple tokens, and a printed play mat.

There was one requirement for the game play I was to design: it needed to be simple enough to be playable by young kids - the primary target audience of the toy. I accomplished that by designing a simple dice battle mechanic (roll more attack symbols than your opponent).

Beyond that however, I wanted to add a slightly more advanced game mode for older kids who would eventually tire of the basic game. The advanced mode uses a sort of resource system that allows players to charge up and plan for larger and more spectacular attacks. The advanced mode also allowed me to give each Box Buster unique rules which added a sort of collectible aspect to the game. Some cubes have more offensive abilities (Trench Run) while others are generally defensive (Endor) or allow you to mess with your opponent's plans (Tatooine). So the cubes you bring to the table each have their own feel.

Obviously, Box Busters are not on the same level as something like Queen's Gambit or Star Wars Risk. They were meant to be a fun, cool looking toy with a nice, replayable battle aspect that some kids could really get behind and even cut their teeth on something slightly more advanced than the generic RPS-style battle systems of the usual collectible schlock."

Someone mentions Star Wars Box Busters are US/Canada only, but The Entertainer and thetoyshop both stocked these as recently as February 2017.
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