star wars chubbies - £6.99 @

star wars chubbies - £6.99 @

Found 4th Aug 2008
Star Wars: Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker Series 1 Chubbie @ £6.99 (normal price £9.99) with free P&P

Each of the Star Wars Chubby consists of 3 different sizes of doll, each size of the doll represents the different stage of the particular character in each Episode of the entire saga. Each unit comes with 3 sizes, large, medium and small of Star Wars characters in Chubby style.

be gentle it's my first post!

by far the cheapest i've seen for this especially with free p&p (amazon are cheaper but unless your spending over £15 p&p bumps it up). The wookies set is also £6.99 & the other chubbies in series 1 are only £7.99. Great for all those Star Wars mad people you might have to buy christmas pressies for .... get in early!

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