Star wars clone wars series £4.99 each Google play

Star wars clone wars series £4.99 each Google play

Found 21st Mar
Each series just 4.99. The first series and a half of rebels is the same price.
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Clone wars also showing as £4.99 on Amazon prime video
And iTunes too! Tho Season 5 is £54.78
How much is each series usually
Surprisingly good series. Goes deep into Anakin's character so much better than any of the whinny anakin in prequels. Makes me appreciate prequel lore so much more and this is coming someone that's not really a fan.
Nice, just wish they'd sell season 6 on there, annoys me it's not easily available.
I've always thought a series was a collection of all the seasons in a TV show...

Just googled it and it seems they're used interchangeably depending on whether you're using old or new definitions from US or UK.

Life is hard for the Grammar Nazi movement :-(
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