Star Wars (Darth Vader and R2D2) phones, £10 each, instore at Woolworths

Star Wars (Darth Vader and R2D2) phones, £10 each, instore at Woolworths

Found 25th Apr 2007
Spotted these in the White Rose branch which is closing down... price online seems to be around £50. They had loads in yesterday afternoon.

(White Rose branch is in Leeds)
- circuit

instore only i assume - sale ends on the 28th.
- circuit


cant find them online...

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yeah, instore only i assume. the price i quoted was from a quick scan of google.

Arrg.. been looking for a cheap one of these... and now they come up ... I live nowhere near leeds !! Oh well


Stormin norm

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i would pick one up for you, but i think it'd be pointless cos the postage would be expensive.

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the sale ends on saturday. they had loads though, half an aisle and a big pile of them by the escalator (downstairs). i doubt they will be sold out by then, unless they are reduced again in the meantime.

If anyone has a 'Big W' store nearby (usually in retail parks) then you will find them in there at this price too, well at least the one on Portract Lane Stockton.
I assume that there will be a few of these on ebay over the next few weeks:whistling:

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i think they were originally price marked at £15, so maybe other stores are selling them for £10/ £15, which is still a good price.

Went to Big W today they were still priced at £27.50, the money box beside them was £10. Possible mix up?

They were £27.50 in the Local Woolies here too
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