Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope £6.99 (£4.99 with e-vouchers)
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope £6.99 (£4.99   with e-vouchers)

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope £6.99 (£4.99 with e-vouchers)

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Using the search comparison site find-dvd.co.uk Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope shows as £6.99 then apply e-vouchers from the voucher section of this site to reduce down.(You must use the find-dvd.co.uk link as the direct link to cdwow shows this DVD as £15.75.)Open find-dvd.co.uk link place dvd in basket. Open new link from voucher section and apply discounts. Hope this makes sense!

It's no criticism of the largely-enjoyable Special Editions to welcome the theatrical originals of the STAR WARS trilogy on to DVD with enthusiasm.
Any cinematic classic must stand in its original, warts-and-all form for posterity - and the good news is that STAR WARS absolutely does. For all its hokey humour, wooden acting and derivative elements, this was - and still is - modern myth making at its best.
We of the first STAR WARS generation may now talk of it with the same "you had to be ...


Link sorted and doesn't require find-dvd clickthrough ;-)

Thanks for the pointer MIKE39 too

Can you show the link for the vouchers that work - so many are listed everyone i've tried is expired...

thanks in advance

I'd championed these versions when HMV had 'em @ £7.99 so they just got even better.
(A certain person on my thread decided they weren't essential, were not the best versions currently available & were never gonna put money in Lucas' pocket....strangely, when I asked them to point out a superior version it all went very quiet!)
Well spotted MIKE39...got 'em so won't be buying but I think I'll heat this thread up a bit. Have a good one, C32

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Try this one packard, this still seems to be active:hotukdeals.com/dea…w-1
I think the £2.00 links have all expired now.:)

Yes CHARLIETHIRTYTWO well worth £5-6 of anyones money to add to their collection, unfortunately this offer only relates to STARWARS A NEW HOPE.
which may i add i queued for 3 hours to see at the cinema when it was originally released!! Second time, i sneaked round the back and was let in by my mates!! Great days. :thumbsup:
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