Star Wars films £5.99 each in HD to keep at Amazon Video

Star Wars films £5.99 each in HD to keep at Amazon Video

Found 16th Dec 2016
Each of the original Star Wars films for £5.99 in HD at Amazon Video (to keep). Cheapest I've seen for a while.
(Includes Force Awakens and the 3 prequels, but the main deal here is the original trilogy :))

Most-likely special editions…401


Thanks! Had £40 credit to use which will about to expire soon

your post makes it sound like you get them all for £5.99 lol

Are these the Special edition films? I'm assuming so?

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I can't remember the definitions of the editions, but this is the version where (for example) Han Solo talks to a CGI Jabba in the first film. Seems to also come with bonus features - here's the listing from New Hope "Conversations: Creating A Universe - Roger Christian and Joe Johnston share memories of building iconic elements of the Star Wars universe. Discoveries From Inside: Weapons & The First Lightsaber - Classic props created for the Star Wars films"
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