Star Wars Galactic Heroes AT-AT Walker £27.97 @ Tesco

Star Wars Galactic Heroes AT-AT Walker £27.97 @ Tesco

Found 26th Dec 2010
Since Debenhams let me down Tesco now have the AT-AT in their sale:-

The Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker moves across the frozen Hoth landscape toward Echo Base, the Rebel Alliance s headquarters. This huge transport and combat vehicle is armed with powerful side-mounted blasters and laser chin guns. A command crew operates the AT-AT from the control room in the vehicle s head. In the body of the vehicle, a transport area can hold speeder bikes and stormtroopers. During the Battle of Hoth, a squadron of Rebel snowspeeders led by Luke Skywalker manages to bring down one of these behemoths by entangling its legs in a tow cable.


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