Star wars Galactic heroes AT-ST Scout Walker and 4 figures £17.99 @ ARGOS was £49.99

Star wars Galactic heroes AT-ST Scout Walker and 4 figures £17.99 @ ARGOS was £49.99

Found 27th Dec 2010
I know this has been posted at £24.99 by geegee-pinata, but now another £5 off and plenty of stock!

now £17.99

Not sure of the £49.99 price they are claiming originally!!

Please note the picuture on the argos page is wrong and it is the galactic heroes hoth at-st assault you receive.
It contains an at-st, 2 snowtroopers, darth vader and at-st driver.
The at-st driver is a exclusive figure!
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Dont bother with this as a toy -
Bought one of these for my son from toys r us a couple of months ago.
Broke within a couple of hours. He's 10 and isnt rough with his toys at all. The legs are really spindly and the hip & knee joints are ratcheted so you supposedly can move the legs.
Tried to move one of the legs and it snapped off, took it back to Toys r us and the assistant showed me how it was supposed to be done.....and snapped the other leg off!

Needless to say, I swapped it for something a little more robust!:p
Are you sure that's not the AT AT one with 4 legs?

The AT ST (2 legs) is a Argos exclusive.

Although I'm sure the legs could come off this as well! X)
My son got this for his birthay 2 week ago. Once it was out of the box we were disappointed with it's size and I agree with the first post in that the 2 legs are a bit weak and don't look like they will last long (bearing in mind that the galactic heroes range is suposed to be for toddlers and young children). If you haven't got them already I would go for the AT-AT or the MF instead. They are more solid and sturdy.
reduced to £17.99 now, getting better
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