Star Wars Galaxy Battle Light £16 in Tesco (£24.99 Amazon)

Star Wars Galaxy Battle Light £16 in Tesco (£24.99 Amazon)

Found 13th Dec 2016Made hot 13th Dec 2016
Star Wars Galaxy Battle light
It's like a lava lamp but it's got Star wars ships inside it

Son loves Star wars and also wanted a lava lamp so ticks both boxes for me


the green one is £12.50 in sainsburys.

I love the box - "FIRST ORDER!" based on Rogue One which um....didn't feature the First Order as it was set before the original trilogy. Someone in Disney marketing was a little confused that day then.

Got this last year, pretty funky in my bedroom (yes, with my partner). She quite likes the light too as not too bright. But when I clicked on the link I honestly thought it was Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell!

Great find, cheers. Was trying to get it from Argos for my son for £20, but none in stock, next best was £25.

Got this last year for my kids's pretty cool. Warms up instantly and casts lots of dancing shapes and reflections around the room.

I got it for £7 in Sainsbury on April, now waiting for the rouge one to drop to the same price.
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