Star Wars Hot Wheels £1 at Poundworld

Star Wars Hot Wheels £1 at Poundworld

LocalFound 15th Jun 2017
Found in Swindon.
I know these are £2.99 for 2 in Argos but if you are near a PoundWorld (not Poundland) then a good deal.
For the kids of course... ahem.
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Which one?
Link goes to Poundland!
They're 99p in Home Bargains. What's funny is they still sell the 2 packs for £3.99 and they're identical models.
Star Wars cars....

Imagine Boba Fett tearing it up around Mos Isley in a Mustang with his own face on the bonnet.

He'd f@*king love it.

I'm off to look for some of these tomorrow!
Absolute sacrilege....... Almost as bad as "The Star Wars Holiday Special" from 1978.....
These aren't the cars. They're Hot Wheels diecast models of the ships.
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