Star Wars Lethal Alliance [Nintendo DS] from TheGameCollection - £6.99 (inc Del)
Star Wars Lethal Alliance [Nintendo DS] from TheGameCollection - £6.99 (inc Del)

Star Wars Lethal Alliance [Nintendo DS] from TheGameCollection - £6.99 (inc Del)

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The Game Collection are selling "Star Wars Lethal Alliance" for the Nintendo DS for £6.99 (inc Del.)

The next cheapest price seems to be £9.99 from Play.


Star Wars: Lethal Alliance is the first original Star Wars game built exclusively for the PSP system and DS, immersing players in an adventure that takes place between Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV A New Hope. Gamers will engage in collaborative gameplay as they embody both Twi'lek Rianna Saren and her security droid Zeeo. Hired by the Rebel Alliance, this deadly duo must work together to infiltrate Imperial planets and fight legions of evil fiends. Our heroes' ultimate goal: Uncover the Empire's most deadly secret the Death Star.

Combine the elite weaponry and acrobatic skills of Rianna with the multifunctional defensive and slicing support of Zeeo to create a formidable team. Only by working together can you complete perilous missions and ultimately steal the plans for the Death Star.

From the chaotic planet of Coruscant to the dusty, dangerous alleys of Mos Eisley, Rianna and Zeeo must use an arsenal of tricks to complete their mission. Set up holographic disguises to fool Imperial guards, commandeer gun turrets, master death-defying flying escapes and battle carnivorous beasts.

Your mission takes you to classic destinations such as the Death Star and Tatooine, and allows you to discover never-before-seen locations on Despayre, Danuta and Alderaan. Each new environment offers encounters with unforgettable Star Wars characters and species, including Boba Fett, Kyle Katarn, Princess Leia Organa, Darth Vader, Imperial officers, Rodians, Quarren and stormtroopers.


Love your posts Nightswimmer. Thanks for posting

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Love your posts Nightswimmer. Thanks for posting

Thank you. :oops:

You can always count on nightswimmer for gaming goodness!

I tried this one out a few months ago. Wasn't bad, like an oldschool late 90s star wars game. Am considering it now.


Shame the company is total pants
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