Star Wars: Lightsaber Full Size Torch only £6.93 (or £5.93 with £1.00 voucher/ £6.24 with 10% voucher) @ The Hut

Star Wars: Lightsaber Full Size Torch only £6.93 (or £5.93 with £1.00 voucher/ £6.24 with 10% voucher) @ The Hut

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Awesome if you are a fan of torches or Star Wars and positively orgasmic if you are a fan of torches AND Star Wars. May the torch be with you.

Star Wars - or 'the franchise' as it's known among the aficionado - is one heck of a machine, even for those of us who think we know a thing or two about tie-ins, merchandising and gadgetry. It's a full thirty years since the childhood-defining movie went into hyperspace (you may count the years if you wish, but I wouldn't recommend it) and, let me tell you, we're still amazed by the ingenuity and quality of the industry that's grown up alongside it. Take for example this full size replica of Anakin's Lightsaber. This nifty torch features realistic Lightsaber sound effects when turned on and off. LEDs crown the torch head and illuminate to light the way in complete Lightsaber-style blueness. So go forth, brandish your Lightsaber while you bond with Queen Padm? Amidala and pledge yourself to the Sith.


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Had one of these for xmas, VERY GOOD. HOT HOT!!:thumbsup:

I Love torches AND Star Wars!!!

Heat, Rep, Thanks, buying!

Thanks, OP! Great stuff.

these look good

I've never been a huge fan of Star Wars, but i love anything that's shiney or glowy! The inner child in me has always wanted a Lightsaber, so i went ahead and bought one. Heat and Rep added!

Also, if you'd like to read reviews on this, there are currently 7 of them on

This is just for the reviews, best using the op's link for cheapest price

I guess this will help keep people away from the dark side. . .

How did Obi Wan tell young Skywalker to eat his spaghetti?


Sorry! :oops:

poo pants out of stock
snoozed i loosed.
h n r tho

Thanks andywedge for this deal! It has been featured on the Hotukdeals blog, ]Playpennies

Just so people know, the picture is not what you get! Its also not full size!
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