Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Replica FX Lightsaber : Episode IV £24.99 -

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Replica FX Lightsaber : Episode IV £24.99 -

Found 14th Dec 2007
Luke Skywalker Lightsaber... £24.99

Oh yeah!!!

Missed the Vader or Yoda ones? Be quick with this one the others went back up to full price very quickly!
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Sweet - thanks for that !!
Will get a couple now
Thanks I've ordered one at last!!!
You're a legend - missed the yoda one now my little un will have something to fight me with on Chrimbo day (paid full price for the Vader one last year)

Cheers fella, merry Christmas! :santa:
Wonder if the Luke one will turn up? Fingers crossed they send Darth Maul's instead!

Heat added - don't seem to be be able to give you any rep though darkstomper - don't know why?
thank you for this just ordered, and i wasnt going to buy anything else lol, i cant seem to add rep either ???

dont forget quidco
Brill find,got the Yoda 1 for son,tempted with this.....oh sooo tempted......:gift:

Oh we can't leave rep now....or can we,does anyone know were the rep button is?
Cool, got the Vader and Yodo now getting Luke.

Got a second Yodo one as a gift, wish I had waited and got a second Luke one instread darn.

Darkstomper - strange, I gave you heat but you don't have a rep button????
Mines gone to packing already
thanks, this is a newer more expensive one as well, i.e. £90. Yoda's and Darth's are £60
Nice find, just ordered one but with 3 kids might have to come back for more!
Thanks. Have ordered one. Top Deal.
Thanks, missed the others just ordered 2 for the kids xmas battle...
Is this still there? The link takes me to the home page...
Darth: "Luke, I know what your getting for Christmas"
Luke: "How?!"
Darth: "I've felt your presents"

Boom-tish! It's an oldie but seems strangly apt.

Got Vader's & Yoda's and so just had to order up Luke's too. Great spot and voted hot.
still seems to be there:


Got mine ordered!
Are ... true to recent trends, another pricedrop on lightsabers .. although I already got the Luke ones instead of Yodas last week.
Got mine... thanks
Thank you thank you thank you!

I missed the Yoda one but bagged one of these. :thumbsup:
Well, after spending 30 minutes on the phone to Play yesterday I have got a new Yoda saber shipped after they sent me a Luke one, however, they've sent it to my wife's old work address which is par for the course with them at the moment. Anyone have the customer service number offhand? Mine's on my home pc.
Ordered! Thank you very much!
Perfect, thanks. Thats one of each now :-D
Temptation looms... I do need another one so I can duel... but people thought I was mad last time
Got 3 vader, 3 Yoda and i hope i get 3 luke

What a deal Hot hot hot hot
Will these things take any punishment or are they purely for show ? ie would you be able to have gentle clashes if you had 2 or would they just break.

gah.. i was really hoping they wouldn't put the luke one on sale too.. pretty annoyed to see this thread

now i've gone and bought one
They certainly take gentle bashing. I hope the Darth Maul one comes up. Now there's a light sabre.

My bank account is so close to its limit. I still bought one ;-)


Damn this site is costing me a fortune at the minute.

Thanks OP ordered - lets hope we all dont get Yoda ones:?

I can now challenge others to a duel with my Darth saber - I really should grow up. I think I may be going through my mid life crisis:oops:
Thanks OP just ordered one, been waiting for this one! :thumbsup:
Ordered one to go with the darth vader I bought for my other half. He keeps looking at his present under the tree and for the life of him he can't figure out what it is. So I can't wait to see his face when another similar shaped present turns up underneath the tree. Thanks
missed vader, but got yoda, just ordered luke could not resist the power of the force.
Thanks, just ordered to go alongside my Yoda one.
Cheers for this, I was gutted when I hesitated on the Vader one and missed out. I didn't go for Yoda either as its a bit too small for grown men methinks.

Are ... true to recent trends, another pricedrop on lightsabers ..

I bet you never imagined yourself using that sentence.
Brilliant. Got the Yoda one but missed out on Darth. Ordered one of these so now I can have a fight with them!!
The Yoda one is long enough to cause damage to nearby objects in a large room, so I dread to think what greater reach might inflict.
Also missed out on the vader one.
Just ordered this one - haven't told me wife yet lol.

in the play site just search for "FX lightsaber"
thank you so much i was ment to order this last week and forgot.....and you saved me money
Ordered - Thanks for sharing!
Did anyone else's Yoda one rattle from the hilt? Sending back for replacement.
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