Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Replica FX Lightsaber (New Version!) - £34.99 @

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Replica FX Lightsaber (New Version!) - £34.99 @

Found 23rd Mar 2008
Also another £1.40 off if you go through Quidco.

The Yoda Lightsaber is also the same price.

£34.99 Free Delivery
RRP: £89.99 | You save: £55.00 (61%)

Not sure if the price will go up a bit after Easter, just in case it is part of there current Easter sale.


This faithfully reproduced Master Replica FX Lightsaber appears in some of the most memorable moments of the original trilogy. Luke Skywalker shows his mastery of the Jedi way, unveiling his awesome new power as he debuts his newly crafted lightsaber.

The hilt of the light saber is constructed from durable die-cast metal components. It also features a permanently attached polypropylene blade which encases an electro-luminescent (EL) core. In other words, it rocks! Once activated, the blade glows brightly and the replica plays back digitally recorded sound effects taken directly from the film.


voted hot. This is an excellent deal, was tempted to pick one up the other day.

The Luke Skywalker version is probably one of the better ones, with Darth Vader and Mace Windu the blades look very pale. The blue on this one is really bright.

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I already have the Darth Vader one when Play were selling it for £24.99 last year.
I have it sitting in front of my 40" LCD on it's official Star Wars stand that comes with it.
Looks very impressive and you will be waving it around like a kid every so often, lol.

Excellent deal - hot hot hot

It would be nice if they were a little more durable and you could dual with them.

I've dueled with mine and it's survived just fine.

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Looks like they are selling well on Play, has just entered the top 10 on the Gadgets bit at #4.

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Price gone up to £39.99 as the Easter sale is now over.

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Play have dropped the price back down to £34.99 again.

The price on this is now up to £69.99.

However the Yoda one is now @ £34.99. If you are still after the Luke Skywalker version then I have one spare (brand new) I'm after the Yoda one, so you buy a Yoda one we could do a swap :thumbsup:. PM me if interested.…tml

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Back down to £39.99 now, love these up and down prices @ Play, it's like russian roulette buying from them. lol.
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