Star Wars Millennium Falcon £84.99 @ Smyths

Star Wars Millennium Falcon £84.99 @ Smyths

Found 19th Nov 2009
Star Wars Millennium Falcon £84.99 at Smyths.
Usually £129.99

Amazon - £139.99

Toys 'R' Us - £149.99!!

A lot of money for a toy.... but nevertheless an out of this world saving!
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Looks awesome!

But seriously, cheap is something else ! ¡ ? ¿ It's just a little plastic!

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I had one the first time round and sold it for £10 in the local paper.... doh....
my wife got my it for last xmas & i loved it! it was on offer at tescos earlier in the year for £75 but still hot!

to complete it you need the training on the falcon battle pack which includes r2d2, c3po, luke & obi as well as some bits. got mine for £25 off ebay as its out of stock everywhere!

i've just got my next millennium falcon.......a 5000 piece lego one!
this is half price at toys'r'us right now - if you can find it in stock anywhere.
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