Star Wars: Nikko R2-D2 DVD Projector *VERY CHEAP ;)*

Star Wars: Nikko R2-D2 DVD Projector *VERY CHEAP ;)*

Found 11th May 2008
check the vid:…tml

got a spare grand or two lying around?

need a dvd player to add to the 10 youve got already?

need an ipod dock?

need a projector?

need a picture viewer?

star wars fan?

remote controlled toy fan?

pre-order this great nikko r2-d2 projector for only £1900! (using the 5% voucher attached)

lol check this baby out, im not a star wars fan but id love to have this.

just put it up for people to see really, not really a hot deal lol
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Thirty years ago Star Wars blazed into our hearts and minds with the dream of far-away galaxies, heroes and technology so advanced we could imagine the future. Today, 30 years later, Nikko Home Electronics is proud to offer a real R2-D2 droid that is destined to become the centre of of the whole family's entertainment adventures.

LCoS Projector is built into the top of R2-D2 and can project images up to 80" wide. Project DVD movies, video games digital photos and computer data.

iPod Dock
iPod docking station for viewing MP4 movies, digital photos, listening to your favourite music.

DVD and Control Panel
Insert your favourite DVD and enjoy home theatre performance. Millenium Falcon remote controls all the functions of projector and movements via built-in key pad easily accessible by pushing on the Falcon's rear engine area.

Memory Card Slot
Multi-media card slot for SD, MMC, MS, Smart Media and a USB connection. Project your digital images anywhere in the house.

Movements and Sound
Use the remote control for forward, reverse, right turn, left turn and pivot turn. The top section of R2-D2 moves 90 degrees to the right, 180 degrees to the left. One of 11 random R2-D2 sound effects plays when R2-D2 in is motion. Hear R2-D2 sounds as device cover opens or closes. LED message centre display the current function information as well as fun random LED patterns.

Millennium Falcon Remote Control
Remote control / key pad slides out of the highly detailed Millennium Falcon with a simple push on the after burner button. Functions that can controlled include projector, device selection, R2-D2 movements, DVD player, CD player, iPod, video games, wireless audio and built-in 20 watt stereo. Snap the Falcon on to the display stand and push the 'sound button'. The cockpit and afterburner will light up with real sound effects.

Speaker / FM Wireless Audio
Speaker: 10W x 2 / Total 20 watts stereo power. Choose stereo or surround sound.
FM Wireless Audio: Wireless Audio broadcast to 7FM audio frequencies.

Project to the ceiling
Project images and movies to ceilings or walls anywhere in the house. R2-D2 rotates viewing angle up to 65 degrees.

Safety function
Safety Sensor 1: Prevent falling from tables and stairs.
Safety Sensor 2: Prevents pinching of objects in arms/legs, if obstruction is encountered R2-D2 will automatically return to its original safe position and release the object.
Safety Sensor 3: Projector lamp automatically shuts off if an object becomes too close to projector lens (1m / 2ft).

Terminal Panel
Visual and audio cable connector are at the back part of the body.

# 80 inch LCoS powered Projection System
# Project on to ceilings or walls for an up to 80" viewing area
# DVD Player
# iPod Docking Station
# Memory card slot & USB 2.0 connector
# Built-in 20 watt stereo speaker system
# Full motion wireless remote control
# Most popular R2-D2 sound effects
# FM Wireless Audio (channel 1 through channel 7)
# Millenium Falcon remote control
# Image Sensor: LCoS
# Resolution: 800 x 600
# Brightness: 1200lm ANSI lumens
# Contrast ratio: 500:1
# Dimensions: 13.5" x 13" x 20.5"
# Weight: 8kg
# Aspect Ratio: 4:3
# Image size: 24 to 80"
# Projection distance: 4.9' to 16.4'
# Terminal:
# Input:
# 1 RCA (composite)
# 1 Mini Din (S-Video)
# 2 RCA (audio L/R)
# 1 VGA (analog RGB / component video) D Sub 15 pin
# Output:
# 1 headphone stereo jack
# 1 optical audio out
# 1RCA (composite)
# 2RCA (audio L/R)
# Signal:
# Video Signal: S-Video signal, Composite signal (NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL/M-PAL/N-PAL/PAL60)
# Built-in DVD: 525i(480i), 525p(480p)
# DVD Unit:
# Media and format: DVD video, Video CD, SVCD, Audio CD, MP3, WMA, JPEG, MP4
# Audio: DTS2.0+Digital Out, Dolby Digital
# Memory Slot:
# USB Connector: USB flash memory
# Memory Card: SD memory, MMC, Memory Stick, Smart Media
# iPod Dock: iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, mini photo
# Remote Control: 5 function infra-red
# Spekaer: 10W x 2
# FM Wireless Audio: Channel 1 to Channel 7
# Power supply: AC Adapter / 7.2V NiCD battery
# Power consumption (Operation / standby): 5 - 35 degrees C
# Controller not to scale

haha, that thing is crazy!!! to be honest its a decent price as it does everything!! (like a little brother, that doesnt talk ... lol)
my little brother doesnt do everything


My Little brother is just a pain so not a good comparision:whistling:
Lol, Chris Moyles was on about this the other day on his show, apparently he ordered one whilst drunk and it arrived last week, reckons it's great
If only I could justify the spend,

yes you can! bargain at this price!

lol if only i had the money

yer i heard moyles on about it too.. sounds cool but looks expensive...

hot for the find tho..
Bit pricey given it doesnt even offer HD.

Lol, Chris Moyles was on about this the other day on his show, apparently … Lol, Chris Moyles was on about this the other day on his show, apparently he ordered one whilst drunk and it arrived last week, reckons it's great :)If only I could justify the spend,Mike..

also said it took about 9 months to arrive - hope this isnt from the same place
started out at around £2,500 so gone down a bit i guess this isnt new though
Fantastic gadget, but still a gadget, and for £1900 you could get a much better set-up.

Despite the massive cool factor, it still gets a cold vote because it just isn't a good deal.

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