Star Wars RC Inflatable Jumbo R2-D2 with Sounds £12.49 delivered @ maplin

Star Wars RC Inflatable Jumbo R2-D2 with Sounds £12.49 delivered @ maplin

Found 23rd Dec 2017
reduced from £24.99
£12.49 click & collect or free delivery

storm trooper here…2xw

Official Star Wars inflatable R2-D2
• Controls from a single button, move R2-D2 forwards or quickly spin backward to change direction
• Inflatable, super durable body for outdoor use and interactive play
• Child friendly handset for easy use for little hands
• Suitable for ages from three years old

The droid you are looking for
The original droid that has delighted audiences since the first ever Star Wars release, R2-D2 can now be your adorable sidekick, bleeping and blooping around your home and garden. This remote-controlled toy moves in two directions and is capable of performing space age stunts and spins.

A survivor of war
Though inflatable, the super-durable body casing is designed to withstand all the wear and tear of intergalactic wars – provided they are mostly imaginary. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is solid enough to handle hours of interactive play with even the most eager Star Wars fan.

Everyone’s little robot buddy
From seasoned Star Wars fans who have been waiting for a droid of their own since 1977 to the new generation of rebels, this toy is a delight for young and old. The child friendly handset is crafted to be easy to use even for the smallest and least co-ordinated hands. This means that anyone from the age of three upwards will have no trouble befriending R2-D2.
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Just got one as a gift, not bad for the price, and the R2D2 is the best of the bunch as they all look like someones taken a blow up toy and glued some wheels on the bottom. (BB8 esp )
Forgot to mention order online and collect to get your £5 voucher
Star Trek -HOT !!!
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