Star Wars Sale (including Lightsabers!) @ Play.com
Star Wars Sale (including Lightsabers!) @ Play.com

Star Wars Sale (including Lightsabers!) @ Play.com

Lots of Star Wars memorabilia/collectables on sale at Play.com including...
Lightsabers - £37.99 (usually £89.99)
Star Wars: Full Sized Stormtrooper Replica Helmet - £49.99 (usually £79.99)
Character figures - from £5.00
Canvas prints - from £19.99
Posters - from £9.99

Free delivery obviously :-)


Don`t forget Quidco.

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Main Star Wars page is here by the way....

Looks like there are more deals from there than the original link.

Let's see now:
Darth Vader light saber - check
Anakin light saber - check
Luke Skywalker light saber - check
Mace Windu light saber - check
Yoda light saber - check
Darth Maul light saber - check
A Life - bugga, I knew I'd forgotten something.

Title and picture are a bit misleading.

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Tony Harrison;3433357

Title and picture are a bit misleading.

I agree - Not my doing...changed by a mod.
Will change the title myself now.

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Meh - cold voters
Anyone care to explain why?....

lightsabers havent been more than that since last christmas, the helmet is regularly that price, might be whats putting people off - I would guess anyone with interest in this deal has already seen it as the SW sale has been going for a while.

cheers for posting though.

COLD as the lightsabers and helmet are always that price, infact the lighsabres have been cheaper in the past and the statue of Leia I got for £17.99 and now it's £24.99.

Yes, lightsabers seem to higher than thy have been for a while - they have been around £34.99 since about February. Voting warm because they are still cheaper than anywhere else I believe

nothing new here, been these prices and cheaper for as long as i can think, typical play.com sale ploy

Just what you need in a recession - a pile of plastic junk:p

where is the purple mace lighsaber:x

laslo panaflex;3437222

where is the purple mace lighsaber:x

I was listing the one's I have, hence the "I have no life" reference.
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