Posted 15 March 2023

Star Wars Scrabble (German) - £8.65 @ Amazon

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The Scrabble Star Wars Edition brings fun in the hyperroom and can be played in two different ways Now fans can combine their favourite space saga with the most popular crossword game of the galaxy!

This game not only comes with a cool game board and tiles, but is actually a two in one game. In classic scrabble game mode, the board is used as a normal scrabble game.

With the available tokens, words are formed. Except the letters of the alphabet, the tiles in this version of the game also include the Aurebesh alphabet from the Star Wars galaxy!

In galaxy mode, the game goes into hyperdrive, with galaxy cards, spaceship tiles and a whole new way to play.

A special glossary gives insight into the world of Star Wars - from Alderaan to Zuckuss! This game makes a great gift for Jedi fans who want to get to know the power of the letters.

With the words you can move one of four iconic spaceship tokens - the Millennium Falcon, Boba Fetts spaceship, an X-Wing or a TIE hunter across the board.

As players control their spaceship across the playing field, they can collect galaxy cards to increase their score and fight opponents!

Brand - Mattel Games
Material - Plastic
Genre - Word, Family
Number of players - 2-4
Minimum age recommendation - 12
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  1. davezilla's avatar
    In GERMAN though

    please put that in description. 

    I was away to buy two just now  (edited)
    Frank30uk's avatar
    Ah sorry, I never saw that
    It`s been a long day...
  2. kencol's avatar
    Surely there will be a different ratio of letters (and umlauts) to cater for German words. Probably not that useful for English speakers.
  3. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Is this from Amazon Germany or in the German language?

    Not much use to most of us, if it's German language. After all this is Sparta, oh no sorry, this is England.
  4. marc1982's avatar
    Back to full price
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