Star Wars: The Clone Wars DVD £2.99 delivered @ Tesco Ent

Star Wars: The Clone Wars DVD £2.99 delivered @ Tesco Ent

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Decent price for this; elsewhere:- £4.69
Zavvi £5.85 £7.99
BTR Direct £10.99
MovieMail £17.99

Star Wars: Clone Wars will be an expansion and continuation of the similarly-named 2003 TV series which picked up where the theatrical feature Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones left off, as an epic civil war rages. It will feature the various conflicts between the Galactic Republic, led by Supreme Chancellor Palpatin, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, led by Count Dooku and General Grievous.


My Son is totally in to Star Wars and I've just introduced him to the prequels (watched Attack of the Clones with him this arvo infact). Is this DVD a feature length in the same format as the movies, or is it animated (am assuming the latter going by the cover)?

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It's the animated film lord_trumpington

my son loves this dvd. its an animated version and is great for kids (my son has just turned 4). Our local argos clearance store has hundreds of these dvds for £1.99 so it seems we were really luck to pick up a bargain!

save your money, crap this movie is.

It is crap, but great for young kids. Mine (aged 3 and 4) think it is great. Probably better than the films to be honest.

Han ma boogie, this film is awful, but ok for little kids I spose
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