Star Wars: The Force Awakens Micro Machines Deluxe Asst. Argos. £1.49

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Micro Machines Deluxe Asst. Argos. £1.49

Found 19th Dec 2016
Price is 1.49. Was 12.99

Launch into action and adventure in the world of Star Wars! Discover the exciting stories of good vs evil in a universe of heroes, villains and aliens. Picture new galactic manoeuvres with this Micro Machines Deluxe Vehicle Pack.

Recreate electrifying galactic battles with this fleet of vehicles.

Collect and battle with these and other favourite vehicles and figures from Star Wars Micro Machines. Each sold separately.

Includes 5 vehicles and 2 figures


Cold only 4 stores in the uk with stock left.

I remember the battles I would have with micro machines . would have marbels bits of paper pogs stuck together as star
war fighter jets . those packs of army men you would pic up cheap from your local shop . Coins used as men to . I had imagination lol. if me brother walked in while I had my battles on the floor I would say out out out . Make me laugh me be sitting there having big battles and he would walk in and just think it isn't worth the stress trying to get to his bed and walk out lol. In the end he just stayed in me mums bedroom as we got a second n64 as i just took over the rook lol

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Damn wish some available in my stores

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