Star Wars: The Force Unleashed £12.99 @

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed £12.99 @

Found 9th Sep 2009Made hot 9th Sep 2009
Finally I can now get this using some of my playfunds!

Cheapest now I think seeing as Zavvi's price has increased

And now with trophies for all you trophy hunters and the new download mission on psn

Special Features

* During the period between Episodes III and IV, players hunt Jedi in the role of Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice.
* Unleash and upgrade the Secret Apprentice's four core Force powers - Force push, grip, repulse and lightning - throughout the course of the game, and combine them for ultra-destructive, never-before-seen combos.
* The Secret Apprentice won't just Force push enemies into walls - he'll Force push enemies through walls.
* The Secret Apprentice won't just Force grip foes to throw them aside - he'll Force grip them in midair, zap them with lightning, then drop them to the ground to explode like a bomb.
* In addition to new adversaries created just for the game, such as fugitive Jedi and Force-sensitive Felucians, players will also confront and associate with familiar faces from the Star Wars films, including Darth Vader.
* Visit locations such as Episode III's Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk and the floral Felucia, the junk planet Raxus Prime, plus an Imperial TIE fighter construction facility.
* Decisions made by players throughout the game will determine the path of the story, including multiple endings that will rock Star Wars continuity as they know it.
* The Force Unleashed is LucasArts' first internally developed title for next-generation consoles, and it represents the first in-game collaboration of talents and technology between LucasArts and Industrial Light & Magic, two companies now finally under one roof at the new Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco's Presidio district.
* The Force Unleashed debuts Digital Molecular Matter from Pixelux and euphoria behavioral simulation from NaturalMotion Ltd.



Good price, thanks niminator :thumbsup: Next cheapest I see at the moment is £ 17.99

nice find

Did someone say Head Entertainment sold them instore for £10?

£17.99 now :x

Wow that didn't last long. Annoyed I missed out on this because even though I completed it before I sold it on before realising how much I enjoyed playing it!

Might want to check out Currys Digital - while it might not be a national deal which was why I never posted it, managed to pick up this game for £7.50 at the start of the week - looks like they are trying to clear out old stock...
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