Star Wars-The Force Unleashed 360+PS3 £19.99 at GAME-PREOWNED

Star Wars-The Force Unleashed 360+PS3 £19.99 at GAME-PREOWNED

Found 20th Nov 2008
Not sure if this is only instore. However saw this tonight in the Leeds City Centre store that Star Wars-The Force Unleashed is only £19.99 on both 360 and PS3. Since this was about 6pm reckon they are getting ready for tom but will go back and check. It is not online yet.


will keep an eye for this tomorrow

great price i will buy this tomorrow then if its 19.99 in store

Great price. I'll wait patiently til tomorrow.

Just what I've been waiting for! Will have a look in Game later today!

great price...will gamestation price match with this price?

will be making a trip to local game today thanks

I exchanged this at CEX 2 days ago for £24, might be worth a sneaky trip to GAME lol

Just to add, exchange at CEX is:
£22 on PS3
£24 on X360

Still £39.99 on their website, unfortunately.

Still £39.99 at the store too so this is waste time

i went into GAME today and took the xbox 360 case up to the till and got them to scan it even though it had price of £39.99 on box and low and be hold it was £39.99................ girl at till looked at me oddly and probably thought i was bonkers or something.

Thanks to Godzooky 1973 for saving some of us a wasted trip. Looks like this was just a local offer.

Popped into my local Game, the NEW version is full price, but the PREOWNED is now down at £19.99

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Sorry guys didn't see the pre-owned stickers, but like previous poster is £19.99 on both ps3+360. Also changed the title to reflect this
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