Star Wars The Force Unleashed PS3 Only £10 Instore @ Tesco
Star Wars The Force Unleashed PS3 Only £10 Instore @ Tesco

Star Wars The Force Unleashed PS3 Only £10 Instore @ Tesco

Buy forBuy forBuy for£10
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Great price for a great game
Has trophys too and some DLC


I can confirm this is correct, the Willenhall branch had a few left last week and I got myself one.

whats this game like,anyone know?


whats this game like,anyone know?

Bought it about 3 weeks ago for £12, i enjoyed it, theres a few bugs such as some ai getting stuck and not doing anything until you hit them. For £10 you cant go wrong. I wouldnt pay for the DLC though it only adds about another hour worth of gameplay.

this does seem cheapo?

thanks for the advice retro. rep added

ye i think this is a good price, if i find one ill get it, h+r added

what does The Force 2 release?...

Its been around this price in quite a few places for sometime now. Personally i didnt think much of it at all and sold it on after only a couple of days. Very repetitive and buggy. A step back to ps2 standard i'd say.

As a star wars fan I loved this game. The secret apprentice story is good enough to make another film. The force powers are amazing and it's great fun to toy with the storm troopers over the edge. Music is great and I paid originally 30.00 and feel it's worth it. For 10 pounds!!!! A must buy for anyone who likes star wars. Agree with the above comment, I think the dlc is very expensive for what you get.

Graphics were fine and not PS2 like as mentioned above in my opinion.

Also one piece of advice is that this game will get repetitive if u spam the same force power constantly. However if you get creative with how the force powers work (i think you set up short cuts to the D-pad for quicker access) you can have masses amounts of fun and replay value. eg. pull an enemy towards you with force pull, hold them in position with force grab and use the enemy as a human shield to deflect blaster bolts, after you are done you can the charge him up like a grenade using force lightning and throw him at the rest of the mobs to explode and blow everyone off a platform. Doing stuff like this certainly bought a smile to my face and gave the game a few days extra replay value thinking of newer more effective ways to kill storm troopers *evil grin*
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