STAR WARS The Last Jedi Porg Electronic Plush Doll Pre Order £36.58 @ Amazon

STAR WARS The Last Jedi Porg Electronic Plush Doll Pre Order £36.58 @ Amazon

Found 26th Oct 2017
Found as a pre order on Amazon. Currently £49.99 at Toysrus 0r a whopping £79.95 at Tesco (OOS)

Released on the 14th December, just in time for the new film
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Let's face it, this Christmas Porgs

But it will never beat Pogs as the next big thing for children to play with
That promotional video is hilarious
Was maybe going to get this as they look cute and let’s face it I’m not above buying Star Wars toys and calling it ‘merch’ Hehe. But this looks pretty basic and crappy. No wonder amazon have slashed the price......
I have the Target plush.. love it
lucas1 h, 59 m ago

That promotional video is hilarious

wow.. i don't know why they even bothered with a video if anything it hurts the product, what it does is diabolical, these will be cramming the shelves come January, you can see why the release date is soo close to Christmas, By the time you find out how bad it is you cant ain't got time to look for anything else. , At least furby was made to seem like it actually did something for your money.
The new jar jar.
lucas4 h, 24 m ago

That promotional video is hilarious

OMG have just sat here PMSL at the video...even the kids laughing sound incredibly fake but on a serious note what a flop of a toy....hardly does anything and can't see kids being amused with it for more than 5 minutes on Christmas fact it'll probably take longer to remove it from the box than the time the kid plays with it....yes it looks cute but that's it really...parents don't waste your money no matter how much begging you are forced to endure...your child will get over the disappointment particularly when they find on their first day back at school after the holidays all the other kids are talking about the really cruddy present they got

Mind you in saying that I've never quite recovered from not being allowed to have a Cabbage Patch Kid when everybody else in my class seemed to get haunts me to this day

Anyway I digress....on the plus side the video does have good music even if the toy is
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