Star Wars Trading Cards (1977 Reissue) £1.99 Delivered @

Star Wars Trading Cards (1977 Reissue) £1.99 Delivered @

Found 12th Mar 2007

The Star Wars Trading Cards from the 1977 Movie compromises of five of your favourite characters from the epic series of movies.
The set is based on the original 1977 cards including large retro images and descriptions of each characters background and part played in the Star Wars trilogy movies.
This archive piece of Star Wars memorabilia is a item that is rarely seen but is a must for all Star Wars collectors

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dont bother - even at £1.99 its a ripoff - i paid £4.99 and sent back, its literally 6 cards, and they are not even proper trading cards - very flimsy paper, and they have 1997 copyright on the back.


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Thank for the info. Thought at that price it was a bargain but maybe not.

Probably better off printing your own. :giggle:

I agree - bought them and regretted it, but didnt send it back as Im lazy!
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