Star Wars Ultimate FX Light Sabers £7.00 @ Tesco

Star Wars Ultimate FX Light Sabers £7.00 @ Tesco

Found 29th Oct 2012Made hot 30th Oct 2012
Went into Seacroft Twsco for Sunday dinner stuff yesterday and saw them.

No marked down from price just £7.00 on the tag. I did an eBay search to see what they go for and they were coming up at £30ish. I bought 2, one for me and one to sell.

It might be online too but I haven't checked.


you should have bought 3!..3 for 2 on all toys at Tesco!
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Didn't know that about 3 for 2!

I checked online this morning and saw they were full price. Will try get a picture of the receipt up later

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They only have the one online and it's £39.95

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The receipt shows the Tech Lightsabre which they also have online at £34.97, either way you got yourself a bargain!

None in mine

Good of they have them, likelyhood though is that someone will have spotted them and cleared them out to flog on the bay of e

Can confirm that seacroft & roundhay are out of stock

Just got 2 from store at MK. There was about 8 left

Been over a week since this deal was posted but I thought I'd take the chance and check our local store (Swindon) and was pleasantly surprised to find they had about 15 of these in-stock, so a big thank you to the OP. Nearly bought one of these in Toy 'R' Us earlier today for an xmas present but managed to pick up all 3 for half the price of that one!

Scanned at 40 this morning but I got one last week. Thanks OP
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