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Pop Vinyls From Only £4.88 @ staractionfigures (£2.95 del)
Found 19th Oct 2016Found 19th Oct 2016
Loads of Pop Vinyls on offer - all reduced, awesome deal for Christmas

There is lots more on there for this price as well as someone has pointed out! even some newer ones like suicide squad. defo worth having a look i collect these and cheapest price i have seen online! even have the newer harry potter ones on there for just under 7 quid! great find heat from me!


FYI anyone interested it's worth looking at the sections for these as there are a load of other ones that this deal doesn't link to. Put a few in basket to order for gifts.


Thanks op.


I've used staractionfigures for years and i've always found them to really good. The £2.95 is per order too, so you can really stock up.

Jaws ReAction 10 Inch Retro Figure £16.90 delivered @ Star Action Figures
Found 23rd Aug 2015Found 23rd Aug 2015
Jaws ReAction 10 Inch Retro Figure - Jaws Great White £13.95 + £2.95 Delivery One for the Jaws fans, No action figure set is complete without this Jaws Great White 10-Inch ReAct… Read more





The shark looks as real as it did in the movie!


It was £12.99 at zavvi,they might get it back in stock at least the shark looks like jaws

Ghostbusters Diamond Select 11" Burnt Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank - £25.90 Delivered @ Star Action Figures
Found 4th Apr 2015Found 4th Apr 2015
Ebay - £27+ Amazon - £28+ It's the cheapest price I could find and they ship it very well packaged in a nice strong box similar to Amazon, but also with padding. A Diamond Select… Read more

Hot! £44.99 @ Forbidden Planet UK


You loved it!


Comment Did I really just watch a 7 minute video of a grown man playing with marshmallow man?


That's pretty neat actually!


Yeah the really burnt picture above is what the original prototype looked like, the one in the YouTube video is what you'll actually get.

Kidrobot Smorkin Labbits Series 6 Lore of the Labbit - FULL CASE OF 25 - £12.90 Delivered @ staractionfigures
Found 26th Nov 2014Found 26th Nov 2014
This is for a full set of 25. I'm unsure if the 25 will still be random or whether you will get 25 different figures. All I know is that I sadly have paid full retail for 3 of th… Read more

I got delivery within 2 days too. It's gonna be a well appreciated Xmas present. And yes, for Kid Robot toys it's an absolute bargain. There's other bargains on the website too.


An absolute bargain for Kid Robot toys - you could sell 4 and break even. Purchased.


If you give these to children.....well i wouldnt anyway.


I actually don't understand the concept. Who and why would u make a toy with a fag in it's mouth? Totally baffled x


Just what the world needs toys that make smoking cool to children.

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Hot Wheels Tracks Mid-air Madness @ Amazon £7.99 Del usually £29.99
Found 12th Nov 2012Found 12th Nov 2012
This deal has been posted before but expired and got very hot. It's a massive saver and would make a great present. Not sure how long it will last though so get in fast. Can someon… Read more
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expired seen a few of these wall track sets - can you use them off the wall connected to the other sets? anyone seen the motorised boosters to buy as stand alone?


Doh! Missed this one, would have made a great Christmas Pressie :-(




Doesn't damage the wall. Then why have I got 2 great bit holes where there was once some lovely paint!!! Still hot though.


Same price in Smyths if you have one close by :O)

BBC Doctor Who Monster Invasion 2 Tin Trading Card Game for £4 DEL @ Amazon
Found 7th Nov 2012Found 7th Nov 2012
Another stocking filler for under £5. What more can I say.
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Lucky for someone, but I don't think £4 is a bad price for a stocking filler.

Magurdrac First one also for £3.53


Thanks bigflump.


Thanks for sharing, I've added a pic to your deal :)

Doctor Who Monster Invasion 2 Tin Trading Card Game  £4.00 @ Amazon
Found 21st Oct 2012Found 21st Oct 2012
Nice stocking filler...I have a thing for tins, so I like things like this tin. You can get it for £2.99 from Howelys Toys, but you would then need to add postage unless you were … Read more

I'm sure i seen them last week in Game for £1.99


Also this one available for £3.48 delivered:


Looks nice, thanks for posting :)

Hot wheels mid air madness £7.99 was £29.99 on amazon
Found 19th Oct 2012Found 19th Oct 2012
£7.99 delivered! It's got to be a bargain!
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Yey, signed up to camel camel camel got email today and ordered from Amazon at 7.99 :-)


Damn, gutted too.. None at smyths either. Thanks anyway


Gutted I missed this :(


Fab, thank you!


Price back up to £23.99 in Amazon but still cheap here

Sarah Jane Adventures Action Figure Twin Pack Set of 3 Packs (Doctor Who) £9.95 was £29.97
Found 11th Apr 2009Found 11th Apr 2009
1. Sarah Jane Smith and General Kudlak Action Figure Set 2. Sarah Jane Smith and The Graske Action Figure Set 3. Sarah Jane Smith and Child Slitheen Action Figure Set **MAX. Two S… Read more

Raxacoricofallapatorian oh and thank **** for cut and paste! sod spelling that!!!


But I've only seen one of the sets there. They had a few of them (General Kudlak set) but they looked like they had seen better days!


HomeBargain stores are selling these for 99p. Not all the sets are available in my local store but you might find a better selection if you look around. Above price (£9.95) includes p+p.

£5.00 An Item Sale - Star Wars / Dr Who / Narnia / LOTR / Rocky Figures & Toys @ Star Action Figures
Found 3rd Aug 2008Found 3rd Aug 2008
Fairly big selection available. Some of these are still selling elsewhere @ £25 and more. Postage is free over £25 (or starts from a reasonable £1.99).

great deal and it's still on as ive just ordered voted hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my crimbo preseants could be sorted here!!!


had the stuff arrive yesterday, fast delivery as well. A lot faster than Amazon as it goes. The site has not been designed with the expense of Amazon or but that's hardly important when the price and speed is this good. Check the batman mini-bust (not the one pictured above): £5 here £34.95 price at The narnia Christmas gifts (£5) are no longer on and £16+ on Amazon. Buy all 3 for that here. So i saved over £66!


Vote Hot


Lovely gadget, very hot :)

I'd take the word of 10,000 users on Amazon giving a 99% postive 1% neutral feedback over a spelling error. Each to their own though:thinking: