StarBlood Arena, PS4 £6 @ John Lewis (P&P £2)

StarBlood Arena, PS4 £6 @ John Lewis (P&P £2)

Found 21st Nov 2017
Fight to be the best in the brutal arena as the StarBlood Network throws the meanest and most dangerous misfits at you. You can play as a single player in Carnage deathmatches or work as part of a unit in Team Carnage deathmatches (requires an active PS Plus membership).

Key features:

  • Four modes of online competition - Carnage: A free-for-all battle, Team Carnage: team deathmatch, Gridiron: team goal-scoring game, and Invaders: a 4 player co-operative endless wave defense.
  • Single player - Single player skirmish mode as well as per-pilot tournaments.
  • Nine pilots - each with their own unique weapons, tactics, and play style.
  • Customizable vehicles - all APEX Battle Pods can be customized with paint schemes, visual attachments, and gameplay altering Mods.
  • 360 degrees of freedom - Battle pods can strafe, roll, and boost in any direction while independently aiming weapons using the PlayStation VR head tracking.
  • Party on - easily connect with and fight alongside your online friends in both Ranked and Private matches.

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Is this mostly a MP game, like EVE Valkyrie?
I've been trying to find that out, it seems that there is some single player content, and can be played offline too, unlike Eve Valkyrie.
P&P is £3.50. click & Collect is £2. Please amend!
How do you get it for £6?
Thanks op, they went quick.
CEX do them for £8, plus delivery if you don't mind a used one...
googley235 m ago



Click on that big red button!!!!
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