Starblood Arena PS4 - £6 @ Tesco Direct

Starblood Arena PS4 - £6 @ Tesco Direct

Found 22nd Nov 2017
StarBlood Arena is a futuristic flight combat shooter developed for use with the PlayStation VR headset. Players navigate battle pods in 360-degrees-of-freedom through underground arenas in close-quarters competitive and co-op multiplayer gameplay for 2 to 8 players.

In tournaments set up across the galaxy by the StarBlood Network, players compete for fame, fortune, and survival. Successful competitors will unlock ship modifications and customization options and battle through the ranks of the online leaderboards.

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Thanks, missed it before and on Amazon
Thanks, hoping it's still active online...
Bargain. Just purchased. I’ll play it a while then get it on eBay and make a couple of quid 🏻
Oos again 😩😩
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