Starbucks, buy one Via 12 pack get a grande mug and a tall drink free - from £4.45

Starbucks, buy one Via 12 pack get a grande mug and a tall drink free - from £4.45

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Not sure if store specific but went into Sainsburys Nottingham Castle Marina Starbucks today and the offer was if you buy a 12 pack Starbucks via - Columbia pack starts at 4.49 (I believe) get a free tall beverage and a free grande mug with it.

I buy via to drink at work so it was a real bargain to me as I usually buy this with my starbucks reward card so I ended up with a mug free as well as my tall beverage.


heat from me, more for the BSG reference


Sounds good to me!

heat for the pic.... not a coffee lover .. but BSG - woulda preferred a photo of Kara Thrace though !! lol


well and truly liked!

Ooh, when was expiry I live near there.

do you mean like a mug to keep a porcelain mug??

Nice one, heat added... if your'e off to the Starbucks in the Castle Marina Sainsurys Nottingham today, be quick as it closes at 17:30.

I need to have a word with my daughter as she didn't let me know about this!!! She's working there today, I just hope that its not her mistake that you go the deal... LOL... ooh she will get in trouble if it was her error, when I go to see her and have a Coffee I always end up paying FULL price and don't get any deals, im meeting her later on so I will find out how long the deal is on for, and add a reply to let you all know

It was on in Norwich yesterday, but the woman never mentioned the free mug as that would have completed the deal for me. Going in tomorrow so will get it then if it is still on.

Well worth the cubits. Thanks.

Free coffee only at the Milton Keynes branch yesterday and the same at the Cheshunt Branch today - No sign of any free mugs !

The sign at my local said tall bev. No mention of the mug.

UPDATE... it was a deal that was on for this weekend only Sorry to all those expecting it tomorrow.
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