Starbucks Card Freebies

Starbucks Card Freebies

Found 23rd Sep 2009
Hi all!
It's been a while since visiting hukd, and posting something out. I thought this would be good to spread. I've been doing it for a while and forgive me if this has already been posted or known already by all!!
Starbucks offer a free top up card at the front desk that you can use to top up with anything from £5 to £150. I got one to keep an eye on my coffee spend each month!
If you pay with the starbucks card you get any extras free, e.g whipped cream, shots, syrups, etc. Additionally, if you buy a bag of coffee beans from there range, they'll give you a coffee on the house with any extras (see details from website below). They show your savings on the receipt and depending on what you're buying, on average I save £1 each time. Not bad if you visit regular.

Starbucks Card Rewards

All you have to do is register your Starbucks Card to join and your rewards will start today.

What are you waiting for? Check out all the great ways you can save:

Add a little something

When you purchase a beverage with your registered Starbucks Card, you can enjoy free extras every day. Free extras include select syrups, an extra shot, soy milk and whipped cream. This is your chance to try something delicious.

Complimentary flavour choices include Caramel syrup, Vanilla syrup (regular or sugar free), Hazelnut syrup (regular or sugar free), Almond syrup, Irish Cream syrup, Peppermint syrup, extra shot of espresso, choice or soy milk and whipped cream. A combination of complimentary choices is also acceptable, for example an order of an extra shot vanilla latte would mean that the extra shot and vanilla syrup are for free when you pay with your registered Starbucks Card. Offer valid at participating UK and Ireland stores and is subject to change.
Get more coffee with your coffee

When you use your registered Starbucks Card to purchase a bag of whole bean coffee (250g), we'll give you any Tall handcrafted beverage of your choice for free*. It's just our way of saying thanks.

You receive one Tall handcrafted beverage 12 fl oz at the time of purchase of one of our 250g bags of whole bean coffee. *Does not include bottled beverages. Offer valid at participating UK and Ireland stores and is subject to change.
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Thats bloody good!!!
hot but bet they dont do it in my uni
Hot, I have the same card too!
I've had the card for a while now (not topped it up for a while though)

I must have had about 6 free drinks off them in the past. They send a voucher through the post to redeem a free coffee or drink of the month kinda thing.

So it's hot from me :thumbsup: Can't praise it enough.
how to get this card?

damn no starbucks near here
I do this, it's well worth it!!
Venti Caramel frappaccino for £2.95, saving you 70 pence
Don't forget free wifi now too with your Starbucks card!…fo/

how to get this card?thanks

Just pop into any starbucks and ask for one at the counter. You get the card there and then and you can register it online to start getting your freebies! Enjoy
Cheers :thumbsup:
Been using mine too for a while and the free coffee vouchers they send in post are fab!
love starbucks thanks
given heat
sweet, will definately help keep my spend down! extra shot anyone!?

You get a free coffee on your birthday too!!

Any frap is reduced to the cheapest Frap, hell yeah
didn't know this.. good deal
three years at starbucks and i never checked out their card system! think of all the free coffees i could have had! lol...

just noticed you can buy online if you want … just noticed you can buy online if you want :)

Ye, that’s right! Top your card up online or at any starbucks! Simples :thumbsup:
Sounds like a great deal, thanks OP
why go 2 starbucks when mcdonalds is everywhere

why go 2 starbucks when mcdonalds is everywhere

McDonalds coffee tastes like sludge.
Didn't know about this so thanks
i need to get me one of them
Perfect, thank you I will use it.
This card is great!! i get quad shot caramel latte for the same price as a plain one! i love it, and i got an email saying i could use free wifi with my card now. Bonus!!
Good deal. :thumbsup: I've had a card for a while now (never thought to post it here, :oops: oops) and particularly like the whipped cream on a latte. MMMMMmmmmmm. Need a coffee now.

Worth remembering the coffee needs to be paid (at least in part) with the card, and you have to have registered the card on line as its an automatic discount that the till takes off. (not registered, no discount).

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