Starbucks Coffee Travel Mug £1 @ Argos

Starbucks Coffee Travel Mug £1 @ Argos

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Found 4th Jan
I like...

Branded food gift.
Includes 1 x ceramic travel mug, 1 x silicone lid, 1 x starbucks via & chocolate coins.
For ages 3 years and over.
No tax to pay


Out of stock

It's available in my local




Got one of these. I personally wouldn't use it for travelling as if it gets knocked or dropped it's gonna smash. Better sitting on your desk or at home. Insulated so keeps the drink hot longer.

Oos, travel mugs that are like home mugs are pretty pointless mind.

OOS East Sussex

No Stock in South Wales area,
Stock in Mid Wales at Newtown and Aberystwyth thou

100% oos everywhere, typical Argos deal

oh what's the point

Thanks op got one

Never buy anything to do with Starbucks. Tax dodging thieves

stock in Cirencester...

Local stores near me out of stock. They'll probably appear on a few boot fair tables in the coming weeks!

argos site is $#ite

Seems to be back in stock but now £6.23

They matked lots of items down to £1, and availability changed to unavailable, price goes up and becomes available again. None most likely got sold for £1

Just bought one of these today, might be worth checking stores again?
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