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Starbucks Signature Chocolate 42% Cocoa Powder, 330g - £2.25 @ Amazon

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Good price! Usually £3.50, but seems to be matching Ocado

  • Starbucks Signature Chocolate 42% Cocoa Powder with velvety and smooth notes
  • Inspired by the Starbucks Hot Chocolate you enjoy in Starbucks coffee shops
  • Crafted with high quality 42% cocoa powder
  • 15 servings per tin
  • Enjoy your STARBUCKS favourites at home
  • Committed to 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, certified by the Rainforest Alliance

Chocolate Powder 88% (Sugar, Cocoa Powder^1 32%), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder^1 10%, Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Flavouring, ^1Rainforest Alliance Certified. Contains: Soya

Hope it helps someone
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    Try drinking it hot, it tastes better.
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    Not much tax being paid on this transaction.
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    Bought this last week, found it is very thin and Costa branded was much better, I wouldn’t buy again.
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    Don't recommend at all.... Nothing special.... Actually its bad!
    I disagree. However, it is to be known it is quite a bitter hot chocolate. Cadburys hot chocolate is far milkier and sweeter.
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    49395424-WqkpM.jpgPrice matched with Ocado.
    As in description
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    So it's more sugar than Cocoa powder? I always think the top ingredient should be in the name really. Sugar with a chocolate taste I guess. I always just used Coco powder and hot milk if needed a spoonful of sugar guess could add.

    Sorry just have not great blood sugar control now getting older but the Cocoa powder part is good for you. (edited)
    It's a (hot) chocolate powder.
    Not a cocoa powder.
    Van Houten has my vote.

    Cocoa if full of saturated fat, so it may not be great to people with high cholesterol either.

    This deal is hot (edited)
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    Thank you!
    You're welcome
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    Am going to try it at this price, thanks OP!
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    My 3 year old loves this stuff always have a good stock in
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    Thanks. Ordered one to try.
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    Ordered, thanks. Due 7th Feb also.
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    Tried last week thanks to previous deal. Much nicer than Cadbury, on par with Twinnings.
    If previous history is a guide, it will be delivered within 2 weeks, not towards the end of February.
    Bought 4 tins, it should help the family go through the winter.

    Hot (edited)
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    Great price, one of our favourites, thanks OP
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    How does this taste? I tried the Lindt one but it wasn't very nice, Cadbury do a decent hot chocolate.
    I like this one!
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    I did not like this one
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    Loved this favourite one. Use it in velvetiser
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    Signature? This has higher cocoa content than the big white bags of chocolate powder mixed up with water for the chocolate pumps in store!

    Pretty good price for a Starbucks branded drink
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    It's showing 3.50 for me?
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    Good deal until it went oos.
    Now there's a 2 month wait and no S&S.
    I just ordered for delivery 7th Feb. No s&s though
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    Not tried it as a drink but it's good for sprinkling a bit on weetabix (probably because of the sugar content!)
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    also available at costco as a two pack for (i think) £5.18
    Save yourself some money and just buy two of this deal then?
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    Just to check, this is not normal cocao powder but hot chocolate drink mix, right? Never tried (edited)
    Correct. But it's very smooth and not sickly like Cadbury.
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    Not sure how people praise this, it’s disgusting, it tastes grainy and powdery, no better than cadburys drinking chocolate, Do yourself a favour and try some Hotel Chocolat stuff, it’s a thousand times nicer than this, You don’t need the velvetiser just a milk heater and frother
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    Presumably this is made 'creamy' with the addition of Soya lecethins. This is an emulsifier. It's also in 1cal spray oils and it's the reason those things wreck your pans and air fryer, the lecethins solidify and make a nasty coating when heated. God knows what it does to your insides. (edited)
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    From the thumbnail this looked at a glance like a tin of Cuprinol
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    Joke or what? I couldn't buy it at all even when it showed the price? Stupid
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