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659 SHOTS of Starbucks Espresso for £1.90 - 20 Litres of coffee!!!
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Via your Starbucks app (I used IOS) you can order 659 shots of espresso for £1.90. Someone needs to do this and give to the homeless!

I actually didn't drink all 30 shots, gave it all to work. I had a shot of espresso as an iced coffee which was delish. After an hour I was buzzing a bit. It was effective! <3


A way to claim back tax owed by Starbucks


Hahaha love it, for science!


How do you feel now?!



Free Starbucks coffee and cakes (Swindon)
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd JunLocalLocal
A new Starbucks opens tomorrow in Swindon and they are running a soft launch today, free coffee and cakes
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Free, because they pay hardly anything in britiah tax. Nice one starbucks


Yep opposite B&Q


Yeah finally something in Swindon


Yes yesterday they announce the closure of the one in town centre and today they do a soft launch of the drive thru shop situated very close to a sewage works. Classy


I guess this is the one next to the new travel lodge?

Starbucks £1 treats @ Meadowhall Branch
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th MayLocalLocal
Starbucks £1 treats @ Meadowhall Branch
The oven isn’t working at Meadowhall Starbucks near New Look, therefore the manager has decided that all cold treats are £1 as an apology
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Current list of Coffee shops who give discount for reusable cup use
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Refreshed 23rd MarRefreshed 23rd Mar
Hi Everyone It's common knowledge that some coffee shops/cafes give a discount for bringing along your reusable cup instead of using a paper one. I'm not an eco-warrior of any desc… Read more
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I can recommend a cup that folds down to carry easily. Somthing like this.


I’d feel more comfortable if @otherside27 was credited before the other guy on the list. He’s not an afterthought to me. :) EDIT: Thank you




20p discount on Virgin Trains.... bit rude to credit someone else who posted after me (confused)


@cartwheelbob Virgin Trains - 20p off

Free Starbucks blonde roast, Manchester (Spinningfields)
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Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
Free Starbucks blonde roast, Manchester (Spinningfields)
Just seen this and thought I share ...Free normal sizes Starbucks blonde roast latte, espresso or Americano in front of Natwest, spinningfields, Manchester.. Looking on Facebook… Read more

I did a search on event brite and it's next listed for 8 march in Manchester and 9 march in Birmingham (bullring). Have put on calendar! Maybe add these to the op?




You're welcome (y)


You're welcome. (y)


Not too sure as wasn't asked so I'm assuming no.

Starbucks Blonde Roast Nespresso Capsules £1.60 @ Milton Keynes Starbucks
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Posted 28th JanPosted 28th JanLocalLocal
These capsules are scanning through as ground coffee and so are coming in at £1.60 instead of £2.95 that’s 16p a cup of Starbucks coffee in essence. This was in the MIlton Keynes S… Read more
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NOne don't bother. Just get them from nespresso.


which are good starbuck capsules to try


You sure your not melting the capsules, must be machine fault


It did sound bad on mine a few times plus you can taste the plastic


Never had a problem mwith Starbucks capsules, been using them in 2 different Nespresso machines for 2 years.

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Free Drinks at Starbucks Fife Leisure Park
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Posted 27th JanPosted 27th JanLocalLocal
Free Drinks at Starbucks Fife Leisure Park
Tills ain't working all day in Starbucks, Fife Leisure Park Dunfermline. Giving out free drinks in large cups all day. Enjoy!
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justanothercid Not rick rolling you actually is the website for you.


Where's the "secret bunker", asking for a friend


We have a Starbucks as well (highfive)


Cheers Op, on my way!


They have a secret bunker there but it didn’t help :)

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Posted 19th Dec 2018Posted 19th Dec 2018LocalLocal
SPOTTED IN Cardiff Queen street store next to KFC opposite the Capitol, could be national. Perfect for Christmas, Starbucks tumblers, mugs, flasks and water bottles all heavily di… Read more
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Merry Christmas to you sir. Let the family throw another coal on the fire


Oh no only recently bought a few things in a gift pack! Damn...


great comeback, nothing scrooge about it but just makes your first comment seem even more clueless :( have a great christmas


Ok Scrooge Merry Christmas cheer up


Yes it's all stores :)

Starbucks rewards Star Dash promotion is back! Collect and earn bonus stars!
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Posted 7th Dec 2018Posted 7th Dec 2018
Starbucks rewards Star Dash promotion is back! Collect and earn bonus stars!
Opt in to the promotion email and see how many bonus stars you can get. I've got these. What's yours?
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5 with 10 bonus or 2 with 5. Will be trying to collect the 15 total. Work in the city again, easy to hit 50 stars.


I got a ridiculous 14 for 16 or 17 for 24! I think I got tripped up for buying some gift certificates they day they sent the email out 😡


exactly the same thing happened to me, odd


Check your email


Weird. I had to collect 6 for 10 free or 11 for 15 but now they have sent me a new email with increased amounts. 12 for 16 free or 15 for 24 free.

Download Reading Oracle Plus app, get any free tall hot drink at Starbucks there + Cadbury advent calendar
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Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
Download Reading Oracle Plus app, get any free tall hot drink at Starbucks there + Cadbury advent calendar
Download Reading Oracle Plus app, get any free tall hot drink at Starbucks there + Cadbury advent calendar. The main shopping centre in Reading. (Berkshire)

Only if you're a baby. :D


Woohoo, nothing tastes quite as nice as free coffee (:I


Thanks! Got my free Starbucks but can't find any mention of an advent calendar


Nah ill leave the cr*p deals to you.


Registered on the app, thanks for asking :) Should I be doing something else as well?

Starbucks Festive Drinks Early Access!
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Posted 26th Oct 2018Posted 26th Oct 2018
Starbucks Festive Drinks Early Access!
Just got an email from Starbucks notifying me that if I ask quietly inshore from today I can get the Festive drinks a week before everyone else, I do have a rewards card, however I… Read more

Yes thanks, for your useless comment and keep on getting your mates posting non deals!


More in depth analysis from RichT37..... Who is still to post any actual deal.... Just moaning about other people's posts. (lol)


Yes, Starbucks are pretty good at putting prices on everything


I really like the Starbucks drinks and food and spend hundreds every month there as I don’t buy alcohol or eat out at restaurants. The brownie hot chocolate drink is quite nice.


Nice, I'm out shopping tomorrow and I'll see if I can get an eggnog latte, the best thing in any coffee shops festive menu imo. I wouldn't have known about this if you didn't post. (sorry, I mean to say: why are you posting this, it's not a deal, do you think you're something special? You're the worst thing about this website, not knowing the difference between a deal and a glitch. [something about sugar in drinks], [something about a beard]). Thanks for the heads up OP! Not really a deal but voted hot anyway.

Starbucks HACK to get 'unlimited' coffee for £1.30/day as long as you stay in the store
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Posted 23rd Oct 2018Posted 23rd Oct 2018
Starbucks HACK to get 'unlimited' coffee for £1.30/day as long as you stay in the store
Starbucks HACK to get 'unlimited' coffee for £1.30/day you can sit inside drinking coffee all day and pay just £1.30/day for the privilege. When we checked this with Starbucks, … Read more

This is a great offer! However just to correct the policy is you get A free Tall refill - it's not unlimited. You purchase one and get another one free as long as you are still in store and haven't left :)


Love MoneySavingExpert Coupon Kid Jordan Cox's deals! <3 Check out his blog on Twitter and on MSE :3


Same, it's what I order when I go to starbucks. I'm sure they might have thermal jugs, I have one and keeps coffee warm n fresh for hours, not that it lasted that long 😁 Handy deal for people who work from home and want to get out for the day ha


You could just look up the info yourself....


Or maybe someone who works from a laptop who can do a day shift in there 😁

Starbucks Free Drink With Email Signup @ Starbucks
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Posted 18th Oct 2018Posted 18th Oct 2018
Starbucks Free Drink With Email Signup @ Starbucks
Free Drink With Email Signup
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Fake news


You do not get a free drink.


No free drink upon sign up. Some people rate a deal hot without even checking!


Can’t see anything about a free drink...


Nice, a drive-thru has just opened near me - I know where I'll be tomorrow!

BOGOF Filter Coffee at Starbucks when sitting in from £1.45
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Posted 6th Oct 2018Posted 6th Oct 2018
BOGOF Filter Coffee at Starbucks when sitting in from £1.45
Many of you may know already. When you buy a filter coffee at Starbucks you get a free refill. No big signs telling you but the barista will happily refill the cup. So for £1.… Read more
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They take the cup off you.. place it in the washing and give you a clean one. Assuming they didn't notice you hadn't bought one or saw you pick up the cup from another table.


Love it... It's all POF birds should expect anyway imo...


Why would a 'clean' cup be on a table :/ ?


Once upon a time, a coffee was just a coffee, it was brown, sometimes hot, and you poured Milk in it. 'classy' joints had sugar in cubes, wrapped in paper , dives had a teaspoon on a chain, nailed to the wall. Life and simpler then, one expected , paid and got relatively little! Any been to $tarbucks once, when offered a truly bewildering range of beverages, I looked the kid inter eye and stated "*just* coffee thanks" - he was wise ,didn't argue the point, I drank it, concluded it was nothing special, and never went back again . Defeating cafe culture, one thermos at a time!


Thanks guys, I was always getting the standard overpriced things when I felt like resting there for a while, good to know.

Buy Starbucks House Blend coffee for £2.75 @ Morrisons & get a free Tall latte at Starbucks
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Posted 22nd Sep 2018Posted 22nd Sep 2018LocalLocal
Buy Starbucks House Blend coffee for £2.75 @ Morrisons & get a free Tall latte at Starbucks
If you buy Starbucks house blend coffee look for 'TALL LATTE FREE' in small print next to green lady picture.All you have to do is take empty package to Starbucks anytime before 30… Read more

Not the best coffee


Sheep don’t like Starbucks?


Yeah I don't think you'll get the 25p if you're using the voucher (lol)


Yes I know what it’s for, not sure how you’d get 25p off nothing though, LOL.


Thats for the disposable cup surcharge. Take your own reusable cup and you get 25p off.

50% off food in last hour of the day and 100% goes to charity at Starbucks (Selected stores)
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Posted 15th Sep 2018Posted 15th Sep 2018LocalLocal
50% off food in last hour of the day and 100% goes to charity at Starbucks (Selected stores)
So in the last hour of trading each day they reduce much of the perishables by 50%. Best part is 100% of that goes to charity. At 50% off it makes it just about value for money. G… Read more
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How about paying fair taxes instead of doing publicity stunts ? Scumbag of a company that should be boycotted by everybody who uses the NHS or has children in state schools.


not in belfast folks


Power of the consumer. This one is an easy boycott, look to your independent coffee stores, pretty sure Costa pay tax for now... Maybe that will change with Coke taking them over. (pirate)


It sure wont be a charity to help Palestine.


In fairness most PAYE earners don’t even know how to get some tax back they are entitled to so of course it infuriates people, the U.K. tax system was built for companies more at a advantage, not people - who can’t claim depreciation or write offs or send their wages/savings to EU to pay less tax, EU serves USA more than it ever has EU people - you don’t think the USA joined WW2 as a goodwill to England the country it fought so hard against for independence do you ? Winning WW2 in agreement meant it also had open market to another vast continent. One it almost bankrupt in 2008 after decades of propping it up.

Starbucks Garden pop-up Manchester St Ann's Square 7:30am-6:30pm daily free cold drinks (supermarket type ones)
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Refreshed 17th Aug 2018Refreshed 17th Aug 2018LocalLocal
Starbucks Garden pop-up Manchester St Ann's Square 7:30am-6:30pm daily free cold drinks (supermarket type ones)
It's on until Sunday 19 Aug and has many members of staff two sides lots of comedy swing egg chairs, swings, hammocks etc a really pleasant place to be. Giving out caramel macchiat… Read more



Well worth getting not often Starbucks give you free things


I'll be in town tomorrow to benefit from this! Thanks OP!!


I’m surprised you don’t think the best coffee is Mellow Birds’. (lol)


Na, that’s fine as an opinion but as fact that is just incorrect, sorry buddy. Best coffee is small lot from around the world, usually in Africa. And best chain anywhere is Starbucks.

Free Starbucks espresso pods @ Starbucks
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Posted 10th Aug 2018Posted 10th Aug 2018LocalLocal
Free Starbucks espresso pods @ Starbucks
Found in Starbucks Manchester Mount street and surely many stores have the same offer... enjoy :)

Most people didn’t know that though, as they never really advertised it in stores till now, (as now they are trying to get rid of them)


They have given sample packs away for ages. You just have to ask and they give you a pack.


Would it be theft if I took all of them? (embarrassed)


Or you could add a bunch of the used ground to the cup, filter it of course and you might some coffee which was leftover (y)


I personally switched from tassimo to nespresso because you can't recycle tassimo! (annoyed) (fierce)

Starbucks happy hour start today at 3pm - 50% off grande or venti Frappuccino drink
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Posted 21st Jun 2018Posted 21st Jun 2018
Starbucks happy hour start today at 3pm - 50% off grande or venti Frappuccino drink
Starbucks happy hour start today at 3pm - 50% off grande or venti Frappuccino drink. It is showing on my Starbuck app.
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You need to enter 'Starbucks App UK' into Google PlayStore :-)


I downloaded the app from Google play.. how do I find if I've got the right app .


This deal is for america only


I don't know why you would want the US app if you're in the UK lol. You seem to be the only person with this deal!


Can the US app be use in the UK? The app currency shoowing ion my app is in £ not $.

Free Starbucks coupon with any purchase
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Posted 20th Jun 2018Posted 20th Jun 2018LocalLocal
Free Starbucks coupon with any purchase
Went into starbucks in sainsburys (Taplow) and all the brown cardboard cup holders have free stickers on. Possible nation wide. Enjoy
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Yeah I noticed this when in taplow Starbucks lol. What I do is I order a coffee and take a sleeve myself for my cold drink they are on the counter for people to take anyways. Some people are taking the coupons and resealing it up thou I noticed and putting it back.


Did you read the preceding comment, the one I quoted?


3 variations on the word there. All in one sentence. (y)


They're certainly going to agree with their remarks there.


Compared to how cheap you can get a latte when out by using the latte machine everyone has in the back pocket..........each to the own SIR each to there own :{