Starbucks® Christmas Blend £3.50

Starbucks® Christmas Blend £3.50

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Can I ask can this be bought in the Starbucks drive through branches?

they were doing the buy one get one free last weekend so got 2 for £4.50.

Not tried this, what's it like? What flavour notes does it have? Thanks

If u want to try it, go to a local starbucks and get them to add it your coffee. It's very smooth

Whats different about the christmas blend?

I was in India a couple of months ago and stayed on a coffee plantation. I asked the guy where all the coffee in India ends up and he said most of it goes to Starbucks and gets dumped into their blends because it smells great but actually tastes awful. He doesn't even drink his own coffee...probably explains why Starbucks coffee is generally rubbish and certainly not worth £3.50 for half a pound.

Christmas blend adds a tinge of spuce. Very nice indeed. Breahead glasgow selling 2 bags for £4.50.

I didn't like the Christmas blend. Tastes odd to me.
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